Imanae Malik Killed by doctors hospital lahore
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Name: I.Q


Dear Sir,
First of all accept my condolences. She really was very beautiful and innocent.
Some of the things Allah Does, i just cant seem to understand.

i have first hand information about what happened to your daughter, i want to share it with u,
The admn of Doctors Hosptial have done and will do best to conceal it.

1) The third injection which was given to your daughter was PAUVLON. It is not a painkiller. it is an anesthetic agent which paralizes the muscles,
including the respirator ymuscles. the use of this injection outside the Operationg Theater is criminal. There is just NO justification as to why this injection
was used. Before PAUVLON, the injection given was INJ DORMICUM which also is NOT a painkiller and is not recommended in children.

2) Another act that was done, was, even if this injection was given, the life could have been saved easily. Every staff nurse, doctor with
baisic medical training knows it. All your daughter needed was " Endotracheal Intubation" which is a basic life saving procedure. If it could
not be done, simple mouth to mouth Respiration could have saved your daughter, All the persons including staff nurses present at duty were assholes.

3) Dr Sandeep Kumar who basically, treated your daughter, among other doctors, at that time., WAS NOT EVEN and official doctor in that hospital.
He was not on duty roster, he was not an employee of that hospital at that time, officially. Due to some reasons and shortcomings in duty rota he was there
only for three days, without any official documentation. THE documentation of him being an employee of DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL, have been prepared
by administration, AFTER the incidence. His appointment letter, locum documents, and the so called duty roster have been prepared by administration
of doctors hospital, in back dates, after the incidence. At the time he treated your daughter, he was not officially a doctor there. He was not an official employee of that hospital. This is a practice that is done there often. The administration of Doctors Hospital have prepared his fraudulent and fake documents of employment, in back dates. They threatened him also and got him to sing application in back dates.

I hope you wil be able to prove all this. All that i have written above is true. But the administration of Doctor Hospital is infulential and u wil have to do a lot
to prove and investigate it. This is not the first time incidence like this has happened there.

Please acknowledge the receipt of my email.

Message: Dear Aqeel,

We just came to know the horrible medical crime committed by the so-called institution which resulted in the tragedy. We feel your pain and our sympathies and prayers are with you and the family. Some of our friends and family members had gone thru the same so called institution. Please for Amanae's sake keep your mission on it will help to save many other human tragedies from these criminals. We suggest please create a non-profit organization and listing in Amanae's name so the movement to correct these crimes goes on and indeed the beautiful Amane's life would not be ignored and go in waste.

This institution has a fake reputation and here some of the facts about the institution:

1. There are no mechanisms in this hospital to check doctors' qualifications and few doctors who claim american certification they don't meet the criteria to continue the same title.

2. There is nobody trained in treating complex matters leave alone simple burn and they can take a beautiful child away from parents.

3. Some facts about the hospital, please hold a press conference and let everybody know;
a. The hospital has grabbed LDA's land illegally in front of the hospital.
b. The service road in front of the hospital needs to be moved back in alignment from the previous lane and LDA should take the land back which is illegally possessed by this hospital. The current chief minister has done a lot to take away the land from poor people and challenge him to take this public land away from these thieves and put back in the parkland.
c. This hospital also has grabbed land on the side which needs to be repossed by LDA.
d. The most of the equipment, medicines and angiography catheters and stents are used are outdated and immediate action should be taken before they move this things away.
e. Qualifications of all the doctors performing procedures should be checked.
f. The pharmacy sells outdated and expired medications, some of them which are not approved by the health department.
g. There numerous incidences of wrong Laboratory results and blood grouping resulting in patients' demise. The hospital data should be checked by the health department.
h. Hospital should be closed for now and let them correct the medical illegalities and land grabbing.

4. Please get on mass e-mail of physicians in UK and in which is a physician organization in the United States and let them know the tragedy and please have the Amanae's Foundation bank account set up in a way that people can contribute via the internet to her contribution for humanity which she gave her life for.

Our prayers are with you and the family and Amanae.


Well Wisher, and will be in touch
Name: Anonymous

Respected Mr. Aqeel.
As salam-o-Alaikum.

I was really speechless when I read the true story of a distressed cute little baby.....& I really have no words to express my grievous feeling and words to condole a loving father who already lost his loving baby by so-called saviors. No one can imagine the depth of your grief & sorrow but for condolence of untimely death of little cute IMANAE that is a MURDER in fact, I m prayful for the peace of Her Little soul with a promise that we will not spare these Cruel, wild beast animals in the cover of white coats.

I am a free lancer journalist & volunteer member of a welfare society for Destitiute & Neglected Children especially Children involved in Camel Races at Dubai beloning to remote & poor areas of southern Punjab i.e. Muzaffar Garh, Multan, Hamzay Wali, Ali Pur, Gera Ghazi Khan, Rajan Pur & Rahim Yar Khan.

I wish to unveil a very serious matter that is turning now a crime against humanity through YOUR plattform in which the Managing Directort of Doctor's Hospital who is escaped last night from Pakistan after a strong protest from your side to save Human Lives, is directly involved in this troma.

YES Medam Faiza Asghar, the Managing Director of Doctor's Hospital & Chairperson Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, not only involve in dirty trade of human organs of recovered children from Duabi & street Children residing at Child Protection Instittue Lahore for the sake of rehabilitation.

She is just like a vampire under the innocent face of Child Saviour but in fact she is blood-thirsty for wealth.

After the recovery of Camel Jockey Children form Duabi other Gulf States, that were the victims of Human traficking, UNICEF & Dubai Govt signed an agreement for rehabilaitation & financial aid to these Children with Punjab Govt & involved Child Protection Bureau as implimenting agency with a very simple way for the payments to that Camel Jokey Children.

As Chairperson of Child Protection & Welfare Bureau, Dr. Faiza Asghar (Managing Director of Doctor's Hospital) used undo influence on the parents of the Dubai Returned Camel Jokey Children & created a complicated way & stopped every complaint against this process by using her political influence.

There are more than 300 Camel Jockey Children in above mentioned areas, & Dr. Faiza Asghar forced their parents for the Medical of the Children for receiving of Compansational Cash Grant that was already relaesed by UAE Govt & UNICEF & forced them to present their children before the medical board of Doctor's Hospital.

One can imagine that How an oppressed & distressed parents of Camel Jockey Children reached Lahore from the far off areas of southern punjab & charged 5-10 thousand each but without any proper medical, fake medical certificates issued from the management of DOCTOR's HOSPITAL on behalf of Dr. Faiza Asghar (MD) & on behalf of that fake / bogus medical cetificates Dr. Faiza Asghar charged individual sum of amount from UNICEF & UAE GOVT. in dollars according to each child's physical & mental damages so, million dollars charged in this way , while the real effecties are still helpless....anyone can see the real picture in the areas of Muzaffar Garh (Kot Chutta) Dera Ghazi Khan (Basti Paigaan) AliPur (Hamzay Wali, Basti Danga) etc.

After getting the rehabilitation / compansation amount from UAE Govt & UNICEF, Management of Doctor's Hospital discharged all Camel Jokey Children without any proper medication & surgery & there were also some noises raised about theft of human organ smuggling from the bodies of these innocent children but every voice pressed with the influence.

The ways are open for everyone to see these areas where innocent children are living like worms with their life time injuries due to improper surgeries of Doctor's Hospital & How many trips their parents made for Lahore from their far off areas......

AND Children who are forced to live in Child Protection Insitute Lahore for the name of Rehabilitation & welfare & Managing Director of Docter's Hospital, Faiza Asghar also sucking the blood of innocent Children like a black spectre where children are facing physical & sexual torture, illegal tarde bloo & human organ smugling & Now after the CREUL MURDER OF BLOSSOMING EMANAE, the devil esaped from Pakistan but this time, A FATHER is standing to secure Little angels & we are feeling proud to stand with him.

With regards

Name: Pls donot ask
Message: i know mrs faiza asghar , she is from bangladesh, and mr asghar(chairman of doctors hospital) nick is Billa.. he was not much educated you can say he complete his mbbs by fraud,, check it out,, and mrs asghar was the daughter of rich family ,, they married in Dhaka and earn money in Britain and come back with low experience ,, youi can challenge his MBBS degree,, in Britain,, i m sad for ur kid,, i have same by this age ,,,,, ALLAH HELPS YOU
Name: anonymous
Message: Import of used/discrded/condemned medical equipment is strictly prohibited in Pakistan.Most of the private hospitals bring discrded and obsolete medical equipment as SCRAP in containers,assembe and use on patients which is criminal act to use in health sector.This include CT scans,MRI, Floroscopy,Xrays,Lab equipment,HIV or HCV infected dialysis and endoscopy equipment. On this charge, most of the hospital involved in such illegal activities can easily be closed down by the GOVT.The prevailing laws permit so......This is the key..the slaughter houses can be sealed. We are with you
Name: Tariq Cheema

Dear Aqeel, aoa,

Please accept my most sincere condolence. May Allah grant you and your wife the extremely needed patience and strength to bear this tragic loss. Ameen.

I hope your little angel becomes a catalyst to change the way we practice medicine in Pakistan thus helping millions other, who may not be able to voice their sentiments like you have done.
Attaching below a press release from APPNA.

God bless,


Tariq Cheema

Westmont, IL, December 12, 2009

As a professional organization of physicians of Pakistani descent in North America we welcome the call by the President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari to overhaul the healthcare system in Pakistan such that medical errors and adverse outcomes can be minimized.
Our hearts go out to the parents and family of baby Imanae Malik. Words of comfort are difficult as it is; they become impossible to articulate when the death was a potentially preventable one, especially in a very young patient.

The practice of medicine is a team effort and more often than not problems are systemic rather than individual. Even when a lapse of judgment or a simple error is responsible for an adverse outcome, it is primarily the failure and in many cases the absence of systemic checks and balances that perpetuates tragedies.

We say to our colleagues at the Doctors Hospital that you must do right by your patient and her family. We all entered this profession to heal and not harm, nevertheless a potential of bad outcomes exists even with the best of our efforts and intentions.

We ask you to clearly identify and state the root cause of the problem that took Imanae's life. We offer you the resources and expertise at our disposal to turn this difficult moment into a movement for reform. This would be a signature case for not just reforming the way we practice medicine but more importantly our willingness to acknowledge and rectify our mistakes.

APPNA proposes to the Government of Pakistan and to all relevant authorities that rather than pinning the blame on an individual doctor or one institution for what may well be fundamental flaws in the system, they should make an effort to formulate a set of regulations dedicated to and named after Imanae Malik. We recommend developing a system of medical error prevention and robust checks and balances that must be implemented nationwide at private and public medical facilities.

We ask the law enforcement authorities in Pakistan to extend effective protection to the physicians and staff of the Doctors Hospital. Due process and legal mechanisms must be set in motion and allowed to take their course. Further loss of life and damage to property is just vengefulness, and does not achieve much, other than making a bad situation worse.
This tragedy is a manifestation of the lack of processes and institution building within Pakistan. With deepest condolences to the family of Imanae Malik, APPNA opens its heart to fervently work toward developing and strengthening processes within Pakistan so that Imanae Malik's death is remembered as a milestone in Pakistan's history.


Syed A. Samad, MD
President APPNA

Name: Dr. Ahmed Shafique
Message: Dearest Aqeel!

My great sympathies for you on the death of your beloved innocent daughter in the hands of medical professionals. I absolutely have no words to console you over this henous incidence. the pain is extreme and the grief is unmatched. I can just pray and pray with the utmost belief that May the Innocent angel be a part of Allah's beautiful colors in the universe and be a source of Janna for you people. Amen.

So much so Far! In my opinion This incidence has put a very serious question mark on not only the accountability of medical care being provided to the people of Pakistan in the name of Masihaai, but also on the accountability of the socio-political system of Pakistan as a whole. For the first time in my life I've questioned myself whether I must continue my profession as a medical doctor or I must quit the very profession and find some other means to earn bread and butter for my family and to satisfy my innate needs to help someone gain a better health status. And to be honest I'm speechless, senseless and clueless. I can well understand the fact that a gun in the hands of terrorist and a soldier has totally opposite effect and meaning. one is to kill and the other is to save. my thoughts are just random and relentless, not finding a way to explode, I must say. But I Have decided to quit.

The irony is that now a days the medical professionals in our society are not being trained to serve the people but to earn a handsome living with the lavish life style. almost every new housing society in the country has a medical college and a lavish hospital so to say. these are the harbingers of such brutal professionals and I am sorry to say that these brutal maniacs are just emerging out like mushrooms in a swamp pool. The society has created a great hype about the doctors' life styles and the earnings they make. most of the parents want their kids to become doctors irrespective of the quality of training being provided in those med schools. Further, these schools will accommodate anyone who can pay a considerable sum of money in the name of fee and other expenses.I am aware and I must say that here a 'Mafia' has taken its place in the name of 'BIG GUNS' in this profession. I guess as a member of this society we gotta look into these circumstances as well.

You are very right in thinking the way you are thinking now a days, because you have a very strong reason to. Your daughter was your precious, your peace and your life. The brutality of the incidence has taken everything of you. I am grieved but at the same time am happy to know that there are people in our society who can demonstrate courage to stand up against injustices incurred against them whosoever committed that injustice.

My final request....As the hype has established in this society about the brutality of the doctors. Please do spread the message that we need to distinguish between the scoundrels and the loyals. Because if this fire is gonna burst out it's gonna take away the trust of society over all the doctors and the medical profession. And I am sure there will be many who are deciding or have decided to quit their professions as doctors.

You can paste this mesasge in your visitors comments section on your website.

Please note down my no. and do tell me if I can be of any service to you in your cause.

Regards and deepest sympathies.

Dr. Ahmed Shafique
M.B.,B.S. (Aga Khan University)
District Program Manager - Health
National Commission for Human Development
Gujrat Pakistan

If you are effected by Doctor's Hospital in any way or you would like to share your thoughts, suggestions, opinion or can help, then please email me on and help me to close down this slaughter house.