Imanae Malik Killed by doctors hospital lahore
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Help us let the officials know... Help us raise public awareness...

Its time we all unite and let the concerned officials know that we want them to solve our issues... All you have to do is send the following 2 lines to Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry...

"We want justice for Imanae Malik and a health care system for everyone!"

You can send your message either by fax or by post using the detail below:

Fax: 051-9213452

Supreme Court of Pakistan
Constitution Avenue, Islamabad

Phone: 051-9220581 - 9220600

It will only cost you few rupees to send the message but will make a big difference and remember every single message is counted so don't think if you don't send it will not effect... its the least we all can do but this will make a big difference.

We specially request our overseas Pakistani community to specially write to Supreme Court to show that you care for Pakistan and we all need a better Pakistan!

You can also send your messages to the following authorities:

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
Registrar , Pakistan Medical & Dental Council
Phone: 051-9106151, 9106154
Fax: 051-9106159

Pakistan Medical Association
P.M.A. House, Aga Khan III Road,
Karachi- 74400 (Pakistan)
Telephone/Fax: 021-5418192

The success of our campaign lies in the public awareness... please help us achieve that... we need stickers, banners, flyers and hoardings all over Pakistan and if you have the capacity to help us please play your role in this campaign...

We don't need any financial help but we do need you people to raise the awareness... Please get some stickers or flyers printed and distributed in your area, or you can send us the printed stickers that we can distribute all over Pakistan.

Click here to download sticker source files that you can give to any printing press for printing.

If you own a hoarding site or buidling where you can display our message please let us know by emailing at

Flex Banners starts from Rs 15/square foot

An 8 feet x 2 feet flex banner costs around Rs. 250

If you are effected by Doctor's Hospital in any way or you would like to share your thoughts, suggestions, opinion or can help, then please email me on and help me to close down this slaughter house.