Imanae Malik Killed by doctors hospital lahore
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Victims of Doctors Hospital Lahore

We recently suffered at the hands of Dr.Khalid Hameed and his assistant Dr. Sara of the Doctors hospital. My father had been a heart patient for the last 20 years. In 1992, he had his valve replaced by Doctor Rehman in Karachi. It was a successful surgery and he remained healthy for the next many years. It was a year ago that he started complaining of angina and his physician referred him to Surgeon Khalid Hameed. Dr. Khalid Hameed accepted to undertake his bypass, knowing he was incapable of performing it. My father's surgery took place on the 26th of August 2010. While he was on the table, the team of doctors that were responsible for performing his operation solely, starting dealing with another emergency patient, a 17 year old whose case had been ruined by them a day earlier.

The surgery that was to last 3 to 4 hours took 8 hours. Waiting outside anxiously, little did we know that my father wasn't the only one being operated inside. He came out of the operation alive, but from day 1 said the angina pain hadn't gone. When the reports arrived, it appeared that only one of the three blocked arteries had been worked on by them. This was despite the fact that his angiography report showed three arteries blocked by more than 80%. When asked why left undone, they said it hadn't been required. After his discharge, his angina pain kept getting worse. A month later, due to the negligence of the lower staff, my father developed haemotomo (painful clotting of the blood in the left arm). All this while his angina kept getting worse. When he tried talking about it to Dr. Khalid Hameed or Dr. Sara, they said it was nothing but muscular pain even though his physician had clearly pronounced it angina. On one of his visits Dr. Khalid Hameed even said he wasn't responsible if anything went wrong. On January the 20th, 2011 he died of heart failure. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen!

Doctors Hospital is only a money minting institution created by criminals in disguise of doctors! This is just a guide so that no more people get trapped and no more families are destroyed.

Shanzeh Khan

Dear Aqeel,

AOA, I just had a news on TV a month ago about your daughter, but was shocked to see her full story on this website, it is really a horrible crime. May your little angle rest in peace & may God give you strength to bear this great loss.

When i was reading this story I recall the death of my father at doctors hospital when a few things happened similar as it happened with little Imanae. My father had a severe heart attack on 19th August 2009 at 2am. He already had an accident with a Pelvis bone crack had made him very difficult to move, anyhow with the help of 1122 me & my younger bro took my father to doctors hospital arround at 3.00 am.

When we reached at hospital & informed at emergency there was no one to off load the strature from the ambulance, me & my bro with the help of 1122 staff took the strature to emergency room. In emergency there was no nurse, no doctor but only a ward boy. Ward boy was hesitating to shift the patient from strature to emergency bed, when i saw my father is in critical condition i with the help of my brother & 1122 staff shifted my father to emergency bed.

There was no nurse or doctor after some time a nurse came & looking at the seriousness of the patient she called to doctor when the doctor came i am sure he was almost sleeping or just woke up. In the mean time my father had his last breath in my hands & the doctor & staff even could not treat him. The precious time was wasted when the patient was in emergency & doctor & staff was sleeping. May his soul rest in peace.


Zaheer Ahmad.

Dear Aqeel,

I am so sorry for your loss I cant even imagine your pain when someone loses an angel like Immane. She is in much better place now but it never can ease the pain. May Allah give you sabar and bless her little soul.

I am a physician in USA and I am writing you because I have suffered at the hands of are so called doctors in Lahore. My mother was a diabetic and and had kidney failure and ultimately went on dialysis. Initially I was with her and was supervising her care and since I was a doctor I would question their judgement calls and direct them and they would listen to me. My mother needed a IV cathter in one of her neck veins and they told me that the cardiology registarer would put it in and I opposed it as I know thw specialties that are really good in performing such procedures were anaesthesia or surgery and I told the that I dont want my mother to be guinea pig and want only one of those specialist touch my mom as a result of that the nurse in doctors hospital called one of those specialist and he scolded the nurse that why that junior person cant do that procedure and the nurse told him that patient's daughter is a USA physician and requesting it so he came and did the procedure without any complication. After I left she needed the same procedure again and guess what the same junior doc did the procedure and she went into cardiac arrest while having that procedure. This procedure is done on a daily basis in USA and to this date I have not heard anyone going into cardiac arrest. As they were working to revive her heart the doc who did the procedure was talking to his friend on his cell phone and laughing and gigling without any worry that he might have just killed someone.

MY mother was kept in ICU for one week or so and she was in three to four medications to support her BP and kidneys failed and the cardiac surgeons who want only one thing MONEY still wanted to perform cardiac surgery on her and I knew that they will take her to OR and cut her open and close her up and bill us as she was 90% gone anyways. A junior officer even told my family that what these senior doctors are suggesting is immoral and wrong. All the specialists including the only GOD Dr. Kamran Cheema the pulmonologist(lung specialist) did another procedure on he which was clinically not indicated. Eventually my mother passed away and my family was billed huge amounts of money which they were paying on time and the last day they cleared the bill except 500RS was less and they refused to release the body till that was payed.

I think their is Mafia system of Doctors in Lahore and they have no humanity left especially in Doctor's hospital. When my father got terminally ill with cancer I did not take chance and he recieved all his care in USA but he wanted to die in his home so I brought him home and I was taking care of him at home but when he had some breathing problem I took him to Doctor's hospital and explained the situation to them that I know he is terminally ill and is only on comfort care and needs breathing treatment and I know where cancer is and there is nothing that medically can be done at this time, finally he was admitted and couple of hrs later I see nurses taking a big ultrasound machine inside and when I asked why are u dong this they sais because doctor said so I kicked them out of the room because there was no indication of Ultrasound as we exactly knew what was happening and what could have they done after the US but they just wanted to do the test so they can bill us.

By the way many years ago when this hospital was founded and as a patriotic Pakistani I wanted to come back and asked them if I can join their hospital as both my husband and myself were fnishing training and thought we could do so much for our country but their answer was anyone can work provided you invest $100,000 each in the hospital.......

The Doctors hospital should be shut down and held accountable for countless lives that they have destroyed.

I praise your effort and commend you on raising this issue. As public we need to be strong and there should be checks and balances in the system especially when we are dealing with human lives and let me say this that other institutions in Lahore are not much different. Please let me know anything I can do to help you in this cause.

Dr. K Rashid


I am shocked and grieved over the tragedy that you had to face. I too am a witness and victim of the irresponsibility of one Particular Doctor of this Hospital. My wife was expecitng and under the treatment of Dr. Neelofar Leghari.

On October 10,2008 she had some pains. We went to the hospital. The ultrasound gave a normal report and expected date of delivery was mentioned as November 06, 2008. My wife was admitted. At about 6 the Doctor visited her again and said she would come at mid night and then make a decision.

At about 8:30, the staff handed me a list of medicines and other stuff. It occured to me that they were planning for an operation. I called my sister who herself is a doctor. She informed me that they were preparing for operation. I raised lot of hell with the staff and doctor on Duty. They were very rude and said its between you and the Consultant.

Later Dr. Leghari arrived and when we confronted her she said she suspected an abruption. My sister asked to do an ultrasound in case she suspected an abruption. To this Doctor became furious and said where were you earlier now that we have made a decision you people are creating unnecessary fuss. I called the Chief Executive of the Hospital Dr.Javed Asghar and asked him to intervene. But by that time she had done the surgery and the baby was delivered.

I wrote a detailed complaint to the hospital asking them one question as to why they did a surgery and delivered the baby one month premature? Why no ultrasound was done despite our specific request? What was wrong with doing an ultrasound? To this day I am waiting for their reply. Your case has reminded me of that episode. We would stand by you to bring these people to task. Please create a facebook group as well. We need this kind of vigilance.

Professor Zafrullah Khan

Vice Chancellor

King Edward Medical University Lahore

Dear Aqeel Bhai, salaam

Every time I see you and your wife on tv, tears well up in my eyes. Your daughter was beautiful, the likeness of an angel. I feel very sad , being a mother myself I can imagine what your family is going through.

My family had a bitter experience with Death(Doctor's) Hospital. My maternal uncle(Imtiazul Haq ,GM Engineering Pakistan Railways) died at the hands of these qasaais in Oct 2008. He was working in Saudi Arabia and had come home to collect his family for the final shifting. He had already had a bypass operation several years back. But on this fateful occassion he went to doctor's hospital for checkup. They told him that he needed another operation and knowing that he was in pakistan only for a week proceeded with haste.He was on anticoagulant medication and without taking him off that they operated on him. Well he bled to death after the operation. They had already extracted 250000 from him. The doctor never attended him after the operation as junior doctors called him again and again, but he never came.

Another incident happened with husband earlier in 2007. My husband fell in the washroom after he had come home from a long flight. We sought help at Death Hospital, where a certain Dr. Mubbashar ordered a million tests(which we later found out) were all un-necessary. Just to get a hefty sum from us. He later advised that there is no harm in getting angiography done . They wanted to implant "medicated stents" worth Rs, 100,000 each and gave us reassurances that it was a minor outpatient procedure.

The horror of it all was this "that my husband was perfectly healthy and he neither required those tests nor the procedure they were suggesting." Thank the dear Allah that we pulled away before they could make him a guinea pig. (Due to the kind attention of my father's old friend Dr. Col Ahmed Saeed Awaan), who told us that it was mere low blood pressure because of the long flight and he had not eaten inflight because of upset stomach. People, just compare the two investigations and judge who wanted to mint money.

As for you Aqeel Bhai, I feel so sorry for you words cannot express. I read somewhere that children who die young will intercede on behalf of their parents on Judgement Day. And Allah Tallah will inshallah grant their parents jannat. I hope you find solace in that thought. And I will also like to say this incident and the death of Huma Akram just goes to show how callous our society has become. This is the level of our moral degradation that penetrates every level of our society. Indeed these terrorist attacks are a punishment from Allah for what we have become. But I know that silent sufferers are as much to blame as those who make them suffer. So we should act and stop the acts by speaking and doing. So I support you in this Jihad, for to stand in the way of wrongdoing is the real Jihad.(not blowing up innocent people)

Rizwana Irfan

Dear Aqeel malik,


This is how we share our misery. my brother Syed Imran Haider was only 18 when he was killedon his birthday at Doctor's hospital. Reason: the Doctor was in a hurry. my 6 feet tall handsom brother had a fitness craze. Due to extensive workout he developed a knee pain. as it got worse my aunt, who is a doctor, recommended he should see an orthopedic doctor. our nightmare started when we took him to Doctor's hospital. Ghazanfar Ali shah, best known as G.A. Shah,was the Doctor. He said there is some pus in his knee which he would drain out with the help of syringe. This procedure should have been carried out in an operation theatre. Instead he performed it in his room and messed up.

2-3 hours after the procedure, the boy started sweating, feeling dizzy and couldn't breathe. At Fajr we took him to Omar hospital where his blood pressure couldn't be traced. They gave him immediate necessary tretment and told us that they don't have any ventilator.

Again he was rushed to Doctor's hospital, here G.A. Shah announced that his wife would treat my brother as a general physician. By that time septicemia had reachedhis lungs and was further spreading.

They kept us in the dark. All thid time, G.A. Shah was very stiff with us and always loopked defensive. My dear brother fought for life for four days and died on 4 February, his 18th birthday.

Hikma Khan

Dear Aqeel

What happened to you is a common practice. My family has also suffered at their handso. My Uncle Late Major Zahid Yasin was also killed due to the negligence of Doctors at Doctors hospital. They took him in for an open heart surgery - without stabilizing him and taking him off blood thinners, He never regained consciousness. developed acute infection and internal bleeding and the case was hushed up. Later on we found out that he was also taken for a second surgery without the families consent to look for the bleeder . They kept him on a ventilator for a week and then told us all that he passed away, leaving a destitute wife and four daughters.In anyway I can be of assistance to you please let me know.

My heart goes out for you and may god giveyou and your wife the courage to bear this huge loss.

salman yasin

My wife was advised to get blood because her hb was very low so to get this simple treatment done we went to the hospital,they gave her cloted blood when we saw and shouted at the staff half had already been given,staff then told us that blood is fine its just cold and the hospital does not have a blood warmer,they told us that tell your maid to put the blood bag under her armpits to warm it.At that point we decided that its enough and left the hospital still suffering from after effects,another incident which happened to my mother in law is that she stayed for one night and no doctor attended her my father in law after the disappointing attitude of the hospital took her to Shiehk Zayed but before they could leave a hefty bill showing Dr fees had to be paid he paid and left.I would also like to tell you that we are well known (vip) type as it is the culture here,if this treatment is for us how others are treated.We stand by you all the way Allah be with you and we pray for you.

Shafaat Hussain


Please accept my condolences on this tragic demise. May ALLAH gives you and your family a enough courage to forget this unforgettable event.

I wanted to share my experience with you where the same “Doctor Hospital” make a mess of my Father disease. My Father, Nazir Ahmad, had a heart problem. On 18th January, 2007 he had a severe heart attack. I and my friend took him to Doctor hospital, nearer to my home, and admitted him in the emergency ward. When my father condition was not being stable; a ward doctor called up a doctor, sitting in his room, who instructed him to give a injection to my father. After giving the injection my father replied; “WHAT IS THIS… WHAT YOU HAVE INJECTED…” the last words of my father. After that my father condition become severe and severe. Suddenly after 5 minute my father took a side and at that time he was in my hands. Being Muslim, we believe this is the end as we know what we saw. But being a human being it was my duty to save my father life. After this they said me that my father lungs had expire and they wanted a CT-Scan to know what actually happened to him and after CT-Scan they will suggest me what to do next. I replied the doctor to put his maximum effort to save my father life. So, the death incident was keep running in my mind with the hope of his LIFE. After CT-Scan they said me they wanted to put him in the I-C-U as he had found BRAIN TUMOR. After admitted him in the I-C-U they called me again and again for medicines, injections, drips and so on for full one day. One senior doctor replaced with another senior doctor but nobody able to clear his condition. Suddenly my cousin, a doctor in JINNAH hospital, came and explain me that his brain is dead. At last a brain specialist came to see him and declared him a brain dead body and simply say he is now a practice body for us and no more senior doctor will attend him. Now it is your wish to continue him with I-C-U on artificial machines. After consulting with my family members we wished that they pull out all artificial machines from his body. And with 15 minutes my father heart was dead as it was only pumped up with artificial machine and steroids.

Ok, this is a fact, nobody can change the time of death. But still a lot of questions remain in mind. Why Ward Doctor gave him injection by accepting telephonic instructions from another doctor, why they said “THEY WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM BY CT-SCAN”, why they placed him to I-C-U when they know his brain was dead, why they declare his brain death after 1 .5 days and why they said “HIS BODY IS NOW A TRINING BODY FOR US AND NO SENIOR DOCTOR WILL ATTEND HIM” as we prepare our mind for withdraw him from I-C-U.

WHAT I FEEL IS JUST FOR MONEY. They mishandled my father body. But written by ALLAH is what we never erased.

Finally sir, I assure you my help as I have all my father medical reports, medicine slips and other documents given by Doctor hospital after his death.

May ALLAH blesses you adorable and charming Imanae again in the appearance of another daughter as life never stop.

Haseeb Ahmad

Mr. & Mrs. Aqeel Malik

I heard/saw the pictures of your beloved daughter. First of all please accept my dearest and deepest condolence on demise of your beloved daughter. I don’t have any word to express my feelings, and the tears are running while I am writing this mail. Please do the SABAR, no doubt it is very hard but Allah (SWT) said I will give you more reward if you do SABAR. I will also include little sweetheart in my prays when I will do for my beloved father, who passed away in Nov 04, 2009 due to negligence of Doctors’ Hospital guys.

Here is the brief history of my father: Mohammad Yaqub was 75 years old and had the stomach problems. He was unable to take the solid food but was taking the liquid items.

On October 28, 2009 we took him to the Doctors Hospital because he was very weak. We take him for some energy medication and drips so that he comes back to normal, (That’s what we were doing last couple of years).

This time Dr. G.A. Shah (Stupid Shah) takes the decision of his surgery and emotionally black mail my brother and get him agree for this surgery. I was in Canada and do not allow my brother for that surgery because my beloved father was so weak that he can’t afford the surgery. But my brother said Doctors are thinking if we didn’t do the surgery he can’t survive for more then two months, so we have to take the decision.

I was too far and couldn’t assess the health condition of my father and ultimately allow him to do what you he can at his best. I wish if I could take the strong action and stop my brother while allow the doctors to slaughter my father.

Doctors didn’t take the complete tests to figure out that he had the “Hepatitis C” and Lungs problem. They took the stupid decision and did the surgery. They did the surgery in the morning and at evening time his lever and lungs stop functioning. They shift him to the ICU and start giving him blood/white cells and put him on ventilator. The situations last long till Nov 04, 2009 at 2:15 and that was the end of my beloved father.

I took the time off from my office for month and travel from one part of the world to other, to spend that time with my beloved father but could spend only one day. Now my father is very far from us but his prays will always be with us for rest of our lives.

I can’t imagine that how the peoples are taking the risks with the lives of other, Can they do the same thing with their own beloved? I think only those can realize the heart feelings that are passing the same situations.

Sometime I feel guilty: to allow the doctors to slaughter my beloved father, tried our best to do the best with our father but did a little mistake, get agree to our father for that surgery while he was not willing, could not help to spend rest of his life with my family in Canada, while he was thirsty to come and spend the life with us, I wish if I could bring the TIME BACK and could see to father again. But the time is very cruel that always move ahead and leaving the other under the shed of sorrow and tearsssssssssssss………………………..

Thank you and have a nice time

Ijaz Ahmed

Dear Aqeel,

Once I visited this hospital for inside injury in shoulder. Their prescription was irrelevant and unacceptable. I really condemn their approach to tackle any problem.

They always try to over dose the patients to get immediate results. Really pathetic approach!



Dear Mr. Aqueel,

We all Pakistanis, are also sharing your sorrows. Doctor Hospital may has many similar stories. The brother in law of one of my colleagues died due to the ignorance of a surgeon and ICU doctors in this hospital. He (patient) had very minor procedure of his stomach but due to mishandling and incompetency or whatever you say his operation was distorted and he died after 6 consecutive operations to overcome the mistakes done one after the other. Before admitting to the hospital, his condition was not so sever and operation might be avoided if thought about normal medication. But doctors in general and specially in Doctors Hospital only think of their money. He was just 28 years of age. His family spent about 3.2 million rupees but unfortunately could not save his life due to the inhuman attitude of the doctors. I personally, endorse your feelings that this hospital should be sealed as long as the Govt. takes its full charge to run it in a sympathetic and human way.


Muhammad Farooq Sabar

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Malik,

My family and I would like to send our deepest condolences to you and your family. I cannot even begin to imagine how painful it must be for both of you, her grandparents, uncles and aunts. I applaud you for taking up this challenge. I hope and pray that you are successful and these criminals are brought to justice.

My husband and I saw all the videos and read all the comments posted on your website. It is heart wrenching to read about people’s experiences at this hospital. My mother, Mrs. Roquiya Javed Ikram suffered at the hands of the doctors and nurses of the Doctor’s Hospital in Lahore.

In September 2007, she had a minor heart attack and was taken to this hospital. She had her angiography and was told that she must get admitted and has a triple by-pass. In hindsight, I think now that she probably never needed this surgery. She had been diabetic for 10 years. These butchers took her in for surgery and discharged her after 5 days of surgery. A couple of weeks later, she developed an infection in the stitches. They blamed her for causing the infection saying that it happened because she took a shower or sweated.

They took her for a surgery because she was developing necrosis (dead tissue) around the edges of the cut in her chest. The kept taking her for debridement. Eventually, they took so much of her skin out that she had a hole in her chest. The doctors said that the infection can be controlled by covering that hole with part of her skin. So they took some skin from her thighs and grafted it on her chest. Unlike Imanae, All of her treatments were done without any sedation. The nurses ridiculed her and said she was fussing and being child-like.

When this surgery failed and the infection got worse they took her back for surgery and removed part of both her breasts and did not even consult or inform the family. She found out a week later that she had been so brutally violated. When questioned, they said she is too old she doesn’t need breasts.

My husband kept trying to communicate with the doctors but they kept saying she is fine. My father took my mother’s pictures and sent them to us so we could consult a doctor here in the US. When the doctors in the hospital found out they told my father that the hospital will sue them. By this time they had charged us about 4-5 Lakh rupees. My mother was in extreme pain and was not given any pain medication. Eventually, on December 11th, my mother travelled to Texas with cotton guaze stuffed in her chest. She was totally butchered. Her chest was wide open.

She was taken to the hospital that very night and stayed there for 2 months. She had several different kinds of bacteria on her chest that were immune to all sorts of antibiotics. The mental, physical, emotional and financial trauma was unbelievable. At the end, the criminals at the doctor’s hospital had the same response. “You can take her elsewhere; we have done what we can.

” We are very proud of you and your wife for taking up this challenge. You are doing what many families wanted. I know I tried to contact GEO but things fell apart and I could not continue. It is hard but I hope you find assurance in the fact that Imanae has now become a National Hero and a Guardian Angel for so many people who might have considered Doctor’s Hospital and are now safe because of her and both of you.

I saw the video of her grandparents. Please convey my love to them. It must be hard on everyone. You have our prayers and respect.


Samira and Furqan Khan

Mr. and Mrs. Khwaja Javed Ikram

My father in Law Malik Muhammad Naseem was suffereing from Chest Infection and admitted to Doctor Hospital on 14th of September 2009 in Doctor Hospital Emergency. initaillay they attend the patient and take all test regarding kidney, heart and lungs. they enabolize the patient.Two days my fahter in law remain in the emergency after that they shifted him to the emergency ward.every day they took blood samples for different test 2 to 3 times daily for heart function, lungs function, liver function, kidney function, CT Stan etc. Ultra sounds of different types were also done by doctors. daily different sepecialist from Heart, Lungs, Pancrease, Kidney, Physio Theraphy, Antibiotics, Medical Visit the patient and charged fees for their visit. the blood presure and diabetes of my fahter in law remain very variable, every time we have to ask the staff to check the sugar and blood pressure. one day they told us that they want a ultrasound of pancrease and for that purpose they block the urine pipe.

When we reach for the ultrasound, the doctor is busy with some other patient, we remain there for half an hour with the patient in critical condition. when the doctor start the ultra sound the presure of urine at that time irritates the patient and he cry in pain with agony. so we untie the urine pipe and take the patient to the bed. After fifteen minutes the staff again block the urine pipe and send us for the ultra sound and when we reach for the ultra sound in the basement with the patient the doctor told us that he will not call us for the ultrasound. this will create very uneasy situation for the patient. on 20th september the Doctor Farhat Shah ask for another CT Scan with Color of Pancrease. we go to Body and Heart Clinic for scan. they inject the injection for scan and recommend that 2 bottles of gluscose so that the injection exrete from the body. in the evening the attendatn noticed that urine bag was not filled when we checked the urine pipe it is removed and we ask the staff to get it correct. in the night the doctor ask us to shif the patient to the ICU which we refused becasue they do not allow a single person near the patient. in the last seven days every day they give different statement like he have kidney problem, lungs problem, Phenomonia, Pancrease Infection etc.on the Eid day 21 september 2009 morning dr Farhat Shah visit the patient and told us that there is pancrease cancer and it is at the last stage and they can do nothing about that. the patient was in coma at that time and his heart beat, oxygen and pulse was monitored through monitor. in the afternoon the staff tried to remove the monitor and tranfer it to another patient. we strongly appose this move at that time and retaliate and agressively stop this non sense act by the doctor.

At 4:30 pm my father in law was died. those buthcer doctors completely mishandle the case. during the period they totally miscommunicated the whole situation and misguided us. the behaviour of staff and doctors was very rude and in human. Such bucher house like doctor hospital must be closed and demolihsed. These all Professional bucher must be hanged to death.

Muhammad Ahmar Asghar

Mr. Aqeel,


My sympathies go out to you and family.

I lost my wife, a 32 year old turkish lady, to breast cancer in 2007. Her initial surgery was done in 2005 at Doc Hospital for removing a lump on her breast. We discovered later on that the procedure was flawed and may have resulted in the spread of cancer cells of the lump during the surgery. They should have arranged for an oncologist to immediately carryout the required actions during that surgery as they were aware of chances of the lump being malignant.

I hope that by the closure of this hospital, we can help to spread awareness and save lives. Best of luck!


Dear Mr. Aqueel,

I really condole death of your sweet heart and being a father of 2 1/2 years old beloving daughter Iman Zafar, I am able to fully understand pain and suffering you are going thru on losing your innocent little angel. Trust she is in heaven. May Allah give you and your family enough strength to pass thru these testing moments of pain and suffering. Ameen.

I had personally gone thru a very bitter experience at Doctor’s Hospital Lahore around 3 years back. They are there to just make money and that too on the cost of patient’s life and without any ethics.

My father (Mian Abbas Ali) had gone thru 2nd heart by-pass surgery at this hospital by Dr. Khalid Hamid.

Firstly this guy is not compitent to perform 2nd by-pass surgery, but he still accepted the surgery case for money minting. Secondly, they first tried beating heart surgery and on failing to sucessfully complete this sort of surgery they switched to open heart bypass option and again failed to perform the sucessfull operation. The most unethical and non-professional part played by them was that after damaging the heart of my beloved parent, they keep him alive for the next 12 hours on machines (knowing that now they are unable to do anything to save his life) and keep on lying with us that surgery is going on normally and in fact operation is sucessfull (even their staff demanded and got some money for sweets in lieu of the sucessfull operation). After 12~14 hours of failure of the surgery they approached us to ask for permission to remove the machines to ensure physical death of my father as his heart was already damaged by them.

Please imagine yourself in our place and think that how cruel these doctors were and how frustrating our situation was when doctor Khalid Hameed instead of saving life of his patient was asking patient’s children for permission for his death by removing life support machines.

Later on investigation reveals that,

1. They had given high dose of anesthesia to the patient and then failed save his life.

2. Dr. Khalid Hameed was not competenet enough to perform 2nd or 3rd heart by-pass operations and was already known for taking such cases just for money minting purpose and not for performing sucessfull surgeries.

We are not able to do anything to punish these greedy hospitals and doctors, but one thing we ensure since last 2~3 years at each moment was that whenever we remember our father and pray for his bakshish from Allah, we never forget to ask Allah for justice and insha Allah will see suffering of these criminals disguised as doctors and running money minting institutions such as Doctor’s Hospital Lahore.


Zafar Abbas


Dear sister Maheen after noticing ur link "Other Victims" I decided 2 write the incident in detail.

6years back one of my relatives who was an old lady, used 2 have sleeping pills, took a usual dose in the morning 4 she can't sleep all night. Even after taking pills unable 2 sleep all day long. In the evening after her dinner took another dose of her sleeping pills and went drowsy. Family unaware of the fact took her 2 Doctors Hospital(D.H).

They(D.H) told the family that she is in a very critical state and need urgently a heart pacemaker which she didn't need at all. Though after some time she started getting better but they(D.H) succseeded in persuading the family 4 the surgery. She underwent that surgery BUT WHEN SHE CAME OUT AFTER THE SURGERY, WITHIN A FEW HOURS SHE STARTED 2 BLEED THROUGH NOSE AND MOUTH. Have 2 be SHIFTED 2 ICU. But the bleeding didn't stop 4 hours and situation started getting worse. Doctors said if she survived 4 a 24 hours she will b safe otherwise she is no more. Only by the grace of Allah she survived 4 these Daku's left no stone unturned. When consulted other doctor not of that hospital, unreveald that she didn't need that surgery at all. But 4 a bill of more than 3million rupees they did all that and the patient have 2 be taken 2 an ICU with extreem critical situation.

From that day we decided no matter what happens we will never go 2 that hospital. May Allah bring justice 4 Imanae and others who suffered the same FATE at D.H. You are not alone we r with u in every respect and will keep on praying 4u and 4 our daughter Imanae. May u succseed. AMEEN.


Mr Aqeel,

Really sorry for Imane, a cute name and face which i can never forget as she has lots of resemblance with my daughter Manal who is 4 years old, who is also a victim of one of the doctors from doctors hospital, Dr Neelofar Leghari ( butcher gynaecologist). I have two kids one son and daughter, my son was born in U.K, where i was kept besides my wife by the doctors during the delivery process and Mashallah that was a normal delivery and Allah blessed us with a son, at the time of Manal, we were in Pakistan and my wife was the patient of Neelofar Leghari, everything was going fine, but at the time of delivery just two days before we were informed that the child is having breach position and the butcher recommended for c section, I got my wife admitted in Hameed Latif Hospital, where my daughter was born. She was ok at the time of birth but slowly and gradually we realised about the delays in her development as she did not start walking and talking on time, we consulted Dr Attique rehman (neuro physician) and gone for her MRI twice, Dr Attique informed us that some assault been made with my daughter at the time of delivery, and she will be having this delay throught out her life. Few of my other friends wives are also the victims of Neelofar Leghari.

In our country, I am really ashamed that here there is not much difference between a butcher and a doctor because in our society there is not much value of a human life as compare to the western society where they spent millions of dollars to safe the human life. Your this step to stop killings of hman lives by these butchers is highly appreciated. May Allah bless you with success in your this mission.

sincere regards


Dear Aqeel

Assalamo Alaekom

Yesterday I received a circulated mail describing the incident happened with Imanae. I was so disturbed and feeling sorry for you, innocent Imanae and her mother. May God bless you all. This is really unfortunate that there is no one to ask doctors for their negligence in this country. The criminal act happened with your daughter is simple a murder case which simply happened due to the negligence of a so called qualified doctor. A lay man knows that the high dosage to sedate a person can cause death, how comes that a qualified doctor did not know this. This is really a bad luck of our country that nobody ask/monitor doctors. You know that majority of the deliveries in urban areas are Cesareans because it gives more money to the doctors in short time. Majority of the doctors and hospitals are money makers instead of doing job for mankind. They play with the lives of innocent people by charging high fee and nobody ask them.

I shared this story with all of my colleagues and one among them shared the following:

I was travelling from Lahore to Islamabad in March 2009. I met with a person from Lahore, travelling to IBD. He told me about this Hospital. His mother was admitted in Doctors' Hospital. He was a businessman in Thialand. he came to Pakistan especially for her treatment for some " Unknown Aliment". Her mother was admitted in the same hospital. He told me that he was paying an amount of Approximately 45000 to 50000K daily for her mother's treatment. He was eager to know about that nature of heavy expenditure. I just told him that get out of this hospital at earliest as they are just LOOTING nothing else. Only Cancerous patients in advanced stage have such sort of heavy expenses but a patient with chest problem (undiagnosed till that time) can never had so much expenses.

And now this story is indicative of the CLIMAX. Actually people do not have the exact knowledge about " Where to go and when to go" for a patient. Day before yesterday I was watching some news channel. Strict Action has been initiated against the hospital doctors and management on the advice of CM Punjab. It is a very healthy sign.


Tannaza Sadaf

hello im the victim of this DOCTORS hospital,in 2006 they killed my father.dr.shehryar operated my father,my father had 1st minor heart angioplasty he damaged my fathers heart by mistake,and after that they put my father into ventilator and then he said to us that your father was shaking so much thats y his heart went bleeding..anyway after that the nurses in the ICU were having jokes in each other and no doctor were available in the midnight accept a junior lady doctor who was sleeping in her my father died after 5 hours.we paid 5 lac rupees for our father\'s death.well we cant have our father back but at least we can save others lives and money. i hope my voice would give some effect to this so called hospital.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Aqeel:

Like millions of other human beings, my wife and I have been deeply touched by your tragic loss that no words could ever console. The path that you've chosen after this tragedy is highly commendable and would go a long way in crushing the brutality that the citizens of Pakistan have been enduring for decades in our private hospitals and clinics.

My father-in-law, Professor Askari Mian Irani, who was awarded the Pride of Performance in 2003 for his work in art and was a renowned teacher at the NCA in Lahore, was literally butchered by the same Doctor's Hospital in January 2004.

With no prior serious ailment or life-threatening disease other than asthama, he was forced by the family members to visit the hospital for check up and consultation after a routine bout of cold and fever.

A week later, his dead body returned home after a surgery that was conducted for kidney failure (or removal for sale?). While being extremely reluctant to allow the sham surgery, he never woke up and was pronounced dead after a so-called 'successful operation'.

I am a former journalist myself, having worked several years for The Frontier Post and The News Lahore.

I had recently moved to Canada at the time of this tragedy and was pleading the family members to pull him out of that damned place and take a second opinion at the Sheikh Zaid or another hospital prior to the surgery. However, as you've come to know it all yourself, the patient and his relatives are victims and hostages at the hands of the these butchers. As a result such a drastic picture was painted that the my mother-in-law and her daughters were left with no choice but to authorize the surgery.

Though extremely painful and tragic, the loss of your child as well as the loss of Mrs Huma Akram through the hands of these monsters has brought together millions of people across the country and beyonnd and rekindled hope that this brutality could be dealt with an iron fist in the future and further loss of precious lives could be prevented.

Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you. Your little angel will rest in eternal peace in heaven by the grace of Almighty Allah.

May Allah grant youand the rest of the family the courage and the fortitude to bear this extremely tragic loss.

Usman Sherazi

Dear Aqeel Malik,

I am really sorry for that what happened to your family. I received the following mail 5 years before about "Doctors Hospital". It is not a "Doctors Hospital", it is infact "Slaughter Hospital".

Best Regards,

Muhammad Umer Hussain


Today I would take some of your precious time to share with you the agony I faced because of the pathetic state of affairs of the DOCTORS HOSPITAL situated at the Johar Town on the main canal road of Lahore. This account is purely aimed at saving as many people as I possibly can from suffering the same fate in case of emergencies. Some body told me that the hospital has been setup by doctors who had returned from the USA with the view to provide quality medical facilities to the people of Lahore at par with the US standards. Well just because of this fancy claim and proximity of the hospital to my home, I made the worst decision of my life, and took my mother to this hospital in an acute emergency.

My first contact with the hospital clarified one thing for sure: it is definitely based on US standards. But those of sublime hypocrisy. The medical staff at the emergency, refused to admit my mother or to provide any medical attention before the emergency dues payment receipt was handed over to them. Well definitely I never expected a free treatment and my brother was already hassling with the ever busy accounts department located at Room 202 of the hospital for deposit of emergency fees, but despite of my numerous assurances that the receipt is on its way, my mother remained on the wheel chair till the time the concerned staff verified the payment. So there went the quality medical care, US standards and the humanity of this profession out of the hospital windows straight in to the Lahore canal!!!

After giving my mother the basic emergency management like establishing an IV line, putting on oxygen mask, and performing rituals like recording blood pressure, pulse and temperature etc and after having a brief history of my mother’s illness from me, the medical officer ordered for drawing blood samples for each and every lab test that he could associate with the condition. No wonder that all those tests were worth a lot and naturally payments were made in advance. The doctor asked me if I wanted to shift my mother to a private room or in the ward. Any person, even with the IQ of Mr. eorge.W.Bush would not risk a private room now, after losing quite a handsome amount in 15 minutes. In my case, I thought that it is a private hospital and the ward would be as good as the rooms, hence I opted for the ward also considering the fact that The Room costs RS 4500/ day and the ward costs RS 800/day. However all my mental calculations suffered a rude shock when the doctors suddenly decided to shift her to the ICU where the charges are RS 4000/day? I wonder if there were any wards in this hospital. But then suddenly I recall the post 9/11 policy of the US regarding Afghanistan and then Iraq. Whatever you say or do---- we are gonna bomb you!!!!!!!! Another US standard I believe!! Now whats happening inside the ICU is completely baffling. My mother is a known case of Addison’s disease and she was brought to the emergency because of a bout of gastroenteritis which led to dehydration resulting in Addisonian Crisis. (My apologies for non-doctors here). Inside the ICU, some one detects ECG changes and can you believe it!!!!!!!!!

She is now being treated as a case of Acute Myocardial Infarction in addition to hypovolemic shock, septicemia and Addison’s crisis. Despite of being a doctor I am completely knocked off because of this latest addition in her list of ailments but am left with no courage and strength to argue or disagree. Thankfully no one stops the fluid infusion which she badly needs at this stage. However the very next days she develops breathlessness on lying down accompanied by crepitations in her lungs, due to fluid overload.

Hats off to the ICU staff which is especially trained and required to monitor such complications. Not to mention the echocardiography performed to confirm or rule out MI? That was about the quality medical care!!!!!!!! USA Ishtyle.

Now a word about the inside story, a completely desi style corruption technique. I was initially surprised to see the ward boy guarding the ICU door who appeared more like a “thanedar” rather than a hospital employee and who looked upon us as “mulaqaati of havalaati” rather than attendants of the ICU patients. He was rude, offensive and extremely uncouth. He flatly refused the attendant’s access to their patients until the scheduled visiting time and guess what? More often than not the doctors started their rounds at the given time. RESULT: ACCESS DENIED!!!!! I even tried to offer him RS 100/- for smooth contact inside but he refused that arrogantly. But why??? Reason was obvious after 2 days. There is collusion among the staff inside the ICU and the gate keeper outside. As the gate keeper recognizes different family members of the patient, he used to handover the list of medicines, prepared by the ward boys, not signed by any doctor or nurse to

different relatives of the patients at different times of the day, and the same medicines were asked to be brought 3 or 4 times, and these were not just medicines, it included tissue papers, air fresheners, mineral water, catheters, syringes in good numbers which were not been used on the patient at all. At late hours of the night, all the excess medicines were got collected from all beds and sent back to the medical store located in the hospital premises, and the cut was shared by the ward boys and the gate keepers. Doctors and nurses were probably not a part of this but they were least bothered to control this menace. Hence it was extremely important for the ICU mafia that the attendants have the least contact with their patients within the ICU premises. My family, therefore paid around RS 15000/- in aggregate for the medicines during my mothers 4 days stay which was probably enough to cater for almost all the patients in the ICU. No body is that dumb, you may argue, but you have to understand that they used to ask different people at different times and also because we were more worried about our mother’s health rather than the money at that stage, especially since hearing that she has also suffered from acute Myocardial Infarction. Finally the day came when this ordeal was going to get over. I waited for almost three hours for the concerned department to prepare the final bill and the more time they took, I knew what was in store for me. Believe me, the administration charged each and every thing they possibly could. There were charges for setting IV line and maintaining it, injecting antibiotics, oxygen and changing cylinders, monitors and observing monitors, bed pans and sweepers, ICU staff, nursing care, doctors round, consultation with cardiologist, physician, endocrinologist, nutritionist and what not. The hospital bill almost cost us a fortune. Ironically there was no follow up treatment prescribed for the Myocardial Infarction she purportedly suffered and when I asked the duty doctor, he simply stated that you should thank Allah for that, as the consultants had later ruled out MI. I definitely thank heavens for that, but I think the whole drama of MI was staged to shift her in the ICU and mint as much money as possible. Any way, as we say, all is well that ends well. My ordeal was over in 4 days by the Grace of Allah and I was especially relieved to finally hear

that she did not suffer acute MI, but keep this story in mind before suggesting some loved ones (God forbid) DOCTORS HOSPITAL. My request to you is to forward this to as many people as you possibly can as by doing so you would be doing

a service to humanity.”

Dear Mr. Aqeel,

I am with you. Doctors of "Doctors Hospital" are surely criminal and have no expertise in their fields.

Around 1 year ago, I felt pain around my stomach and liver and my eyes was burning. One of my friends brought me to the Doctors Hospital because it was near to my Office. One of Doctors (from Emergency), examined me and told me its a Gastric Pain but we have to test and identify it completely. Doctor took sample of my blood and gave this to my friend with a list of Medicine and Injections. My friend brought sample of blood to laboratory and purchase medicines.

Actually, I was suffering from Severe Jaundice. But doctor unable to identify it. As soon as, doctor inject injection in me, my LFT goes to 3500 (as per doctors, 4000 is the last point for LFT) but my pain removed and i stable for 15-20 minutes. After this i was unable to stand and walk.

For all this Doctors Hospital charged me around Rs. 4000/- in 30 minutes.

In last, at the same time, my father brought me to a Specialist and he said (in first look) that you are suffering from Severe Jaundice and you must required 1 month rest.


If i had not went to Doctors Hospital, my Jaundice can recover within 1 week. But, Doctor of Doctors Hospital used wrong injections and my Jaundice became Severe and I recovered it in around 1.5 months.

My family and office tasks totally disturbed due to Doctors Hospital.

Finally, I condemn the thing which happened with you and I and You only can pray for your cute Daughter.

You may contact me at any time.


Muhammad Qamar Hayat

Please accept my sincere condolences for you loss. In Pakistan so many of these cases go without any reprimand and these doctors get away with whatever they do.

About 20yrs back Dr. G A Shah (one of the owners of Doctors Hospital) a renowned orthopedic messed up my father's case by incorrectly treating a knee prosthesis, which he had implanted and got infected. He insisted that he will treat it but got it worse and finally I had to fly him to New York. My father walks with crutches and has never recovered from that operation.

Good luck


Jamil Rabbani

My brother felt burning one afternoon. His wife took him to Doctor’s Hospital to get a check up done as the hospital was the nearest to their house. The doctors there told the family that my brother needed angiography and while performing that they said his artery is blocked. They wanted the family’s permission saying that as everything is open now it would be easier to perform angioplasty. Naturally the family agreed to go on with the procedure, only to discover later that the angioplasty was not required as all the main arteries were quite clear and the angioplasty was done on some unimportant side artery. The Doctor’s Hospital only wanted to make money. They are known in Lahore as Dacoo’s Hospital.


aqeel bhai aap ka dykh mera dukh same hai kiyoon k 2 maheeny pehly may ny b isi manhoos hospital sy apni jaan sy piyari ammi ko khoya hai.main us din sy iss hospital k liye hr nimaz mien duaein krti thee k allah ta,ala inhaih zwal dy so mein tou apni maa k liye kuch na kr saki allah ny aap sy yeh kaam liya.itni piyari bachi k liye mery paas words nahi hain.allah aap ko iss ka naimul,badl dy \'ameen\'

abdiya saif

dear Mr Aqeel and family

my name is maryam farhan and i live in dubai. from the day i have heard about ur daughter im sooo sad. Doctor's hospital ir really a fraud hospital ..... they are butchers....soooooo expensive i myself had a very bad experience there, since then my family has never gone to that hospital again.

whenever i saw imanae's pics and videos ,,,, i pray for the innocent soul.... we as no ones are sad about her....sooo i can understand what is the condition of her parents...

May her soul rest in peace Ameen...

my all best wishes are with you and your family...

May Allah grant u sabar e azeem and courage to carry forward your noble cause...

Ameen best regards

Maryam farhan

Salam Dear ,

my mom suffered and still suffering Because of the negligence of Doctors Hospital. she got open heart surgary doctors tooking her two years old reports and operated her,due to which still she is facing such heart problems.. I m with you in this struggle..


Ali Shahzad

Me and my wife were deeply grieved on the criminal incident which occurred with your daughter. I just want to share my one experience of the Doctor’s Hospital. Two years back my brother in law was diagnosed as heart patient and was advised to immediately got admitted and undergo heart surgery. I was shocked to visualize the consequences as the fellow was suffering from Hepatitis “C” and even in the wake of such diagnosis was not to be recommended for such operation. Any how I convinced the patient for a second opinion and took him to Punjab Institute of Cardiology where he was diagnosed as Fit as far as heart disease is concerned; and he lived afterwards with no such indication. I just want to share that even in general the Doctor are apathetic and killing due to sheer negligence is there because strong Doctors’ community is there to safeguard their interests.


Muhammad Aslam

My Brother,

I am totally speechless over the lose that you and your family is bearing right now. I must say it's not only Doctor's Hospital but there are more hospital working in the similar manner, Doctor's Hospital is taking the main lead.

I lost my mother due to ignorance of Dr. Sheharyar and Dr. Rashid (Cardio Depart) on Sept 11, 2007. All they did was the visit and did nothing other then that. After hearing the news of your little angel I feel like shootin them up in the brain or hang them turn by turn on every road of Pakistan so that it should be a sumbol for all the doctors to be honest with their profession.

I can't write more. All I can say that May Allah gives you and your family strength and If needed my help at any place I am just a call away. Allah bless the little angel and we Pakistani's will bring justices at any cost.


Rana Wajahat Iqbal


My name is Khadija Tahir. I am 22 years old now and studying Law in UK. Few minutes ago my brother sent me the link to your website. I was shocked as to what doctors hospital did to your daughter, I pray that May Allah give you and your wife the patience to go through this ordeal. Its a great loss!

Back in 2004, i had a sudden severe pain towards the right side of my abdomen, and i was living in Green Forts 2 at that point, so the nearest hospital to my house was the 'slaughter house' and so my brother who had heard that doctors hospital was good took me there. They within no time diagnosed that i had appendicitis and that i had to be operated immediately or otherwise it would burst inside. Without giving my brother to contact my parents or to give my family to take their own decision on this or to take me somewhere else for a second opinion that just changed me into the hospital clothes - give me an injection that made me drowsy and the next thing i remember i was on the operation table with the doctor just about to inject anesthesia. and thats it. when i next gained consciousness i had been operated and was in the ICU. Few months down the line.... the same side of my abdomen started having pains and i was taken to the doctor (Zafarullah) who operated me. Who assumed that i was dumb enough not to be able to distinguish between constipation and bad pain rising from the right side of my stomach... anyways the pain persisted and i changed my doctor. and in this process i kept on going to different doctors, from surgemed, hameed latif, to defense national hospital. another zafarullah an defense national hospital - said that the doctor at doctors hospital had stitched my intestinal fat with my skin while stitching me back. and i had to operated again....

my story is long and since 2004 to 2008 i have had various operations... big and small.... and till this day my life has not gone back to normal.... any stressful work results in pain.... some doctors believe that that operation at doctors hospital shouldn't have happened in the first place.... but doctor zafarullah from doctors hospital takes no responsibility.... for years i have been struggling....


I am shall be visiting pakistan in Dec... i don't know if i could be of any help in your great cause.... but if there is anything i can do.... please let me know.... i have gone through a lot because of doctors hospital and would do anything to close it down... so that other innocent lives are not put at risk....

Take care,



Khadija Tahir


It is really sad what happened with your daughter, may the love of those around you help you through the days ahead. I just want to take this moment to tell you about a incident at this slaughter-hospital.

My sister-in-law's 3 years old son once received a minor cut on the forehead after he fell down some stairs. I took him to this doctor's hospital. The doctor there didn't have a clue to what to do with the wound, they didn't even have all the equipment and medicine there. So they kept on sending me to the pharmacy to get injections and stuff, even the sutures to dress the wound. It wasted a lot of time because the pharmacy was pretty chaotic and because there is no concept of a queue in Pakistan. The boy meanwhile was losing blood and he was crying a lot, and the doctor and nurses tried to hold him down like an animal. His mother was in shock to see this treatment. And when they failed to calm him down, they put him down by giving him a shot of anesthesia; after this they started to dress the wound, and the doctor was asking the nurse on how to do it. Thanks to God that the boy was alright. But this shows how inexperience and incompetent the doctors are there and how ill-trained the staff is that they didn't know how to deal with a little child. They don't know how to calm the patient so they give anesthesia, no matter how young the patient is and without knowing how the patient would react to the anesthetics. I was pretty mad at the doctor and when I saw the huge bill in the end, I felt like screaming and kicking some...

Well this is my little experience, I never went there again and also advise people not to go there. May God keep everyone safe from such inhuman and insane doctors.


Dear Mr. Aqueel

I am really sad to hear the news of death of your 3 years old daughter because unprofessional doctors (Butchers) and such doctors/hospital should not be tolerated as they are trying to earn money irrespective of the conditions of patient.

On 30th of November 2009, I went to Doctors Hospital for some medical tests of my mother and report on the test was altogether different from the earlier test report (20 November 2009) issued by Fatima Memorial Hospital. As report of Doctors Hospital says that my mother has no cancer whereas FMH reports says she has category 4 cancer.

Today these reports were reviewed by senior doctor of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and reports of Doctors Hospital has been discarded by the concerned doctors by saying that this was due to incomplete x-rays taken by the staff of the Doctors' Hospital.

I am going to sue Doctors Hospital for giving incomplete and untrue reports.

I pray for your daughter and Allah may give you and your family members great patience to bear the loss of your daughter. I am with you and your family for any sort of help.

Imran Bashir

Dear bro,

I have read and seen the whole web site and what my condition is. while i am typing to you the tears comming out from my eyes. I just can sys \" Allah aap ko aur aap ki family ko sabar day aur jin logon nay ye sab kiya hay un ko dunya main aur aakhrat main bhi es ki ebratnak saza day\" ameen-sum-ameen.

I was used to live in JII-826. one day my 3 years son, Hassan, got fever and i took him to Doctor\'s Hospital soo called DANGAR hospital. There a doctor (so called Kasai or kasab) came with sleeping face and trying to injection to my son but he couldnot find the vain and got my son\'s both hands, feet and even both arms punctured. I was observing the things and couldnot bear that I told that doctor stop doing this and just let us go we done need further such kind of treatment.

I took my son to Childern Hospital and we got batter treatment. Thanks God I took my son to different hospital. I\'ll farword the link of the web site as much as pisible people so taht the can save their loved ones.



Dear Aqeel

How should I express my sorrowfulness on the murder of angel Imanae. I can understand your anguish as I lost my 10 years old nephew last year in car accident. I have my own experience of Doctor's Hospital.

1. 1n 2002, I visited Dr. G.A. Shah, Orthopaedic Consultant, owner/partner of Doctor's Hospital, regarding a second opinion to my hip joint fracture. I entered his room and extended my hand to shake with him. He refused to shake hand with me, saying, "I don't shake hand with patients". It was quite embarrassing. In 2 minutes, he diagnosed my problem and recommended hip joint replacement and quoted estimates of around Rs. 500,000 and referred me to his staff. I did not opt for the surgery. It is now 7th year, I am perfectly okay with my hip joint. Allah saved me from replacement.

2. Two years back, my younger sister had a temperature of 102 and we took her to Doctor's Hospital. They admitted her, administered an injection and within minutes she got sort of paralyzed. However, in 5-6 hours she recovered from paralysis and Dr. Tallat, MD, said it was allergy of an injection.

After 5 days of extensive treatment, we shifted our sister to a government hospital at temperature 104 and paid a bill of Rs. 65000. It's not Doctor's Hospital, it's Dacoit's Hospital. Please count on me for whatever I can to promote Imanae cause. Little angel can save many lives. Let's aim that Doctor's Hospital is either taken over by government or is shut down and the criminal doctor is hanged for murder.


Ashraf Chaudhry

Dear sir,

I have a deep symphathy for this insident , But at the same time i encourage you ,as due to your efforts now lot of inocent lives can be saved.

Your email Emphasize me to inform you these Cases of Doctor\'s Hospital In fact this is a mafia of Doctors who are earning money fraudlantly My Father & two of my uncles gets ANGOPLASTY from this hopital . In First Case there was arears in amount of Which i ask the bills which never provided to me yet (As they enhance the agreed amount which we done prior to operation) In Second & third case as i was contious so much i ask again for bill & Finance Dept said it would be delivered to your House address which never received Yet As in Case of angoplasty (very expensive stents normally used) In all cases we ask to use Stents named \"SAPHIR\" . When i ask them as checking pls give me bill that you used same brand or your invoice showing purchase of these stents frm Medicine importer (as these are imported & note made in Pakistan ) . But they refuse to do so .

So we all are wondering what type of Stents they used during the operation as they did\'nt provide the record nor give the bill of things used during opertation ( Wire , Stents etc)

But they always give you Sub total never give you these bills So i request all people to pls make a join effort to take action these types of Hospitals




yes, i agreed with this. i have my own experinece for my mother. my mother is MAHSLLAH is 62 years old, he diabatic since 15 years. secondly also heart patient since 8 years. i came here last year for enjography. after test Dr called me to come inside and sujjested me for Anjeo Plastic.

they were offering right away on the spot that we can do it right now in 1 hour. thanks GOD, i did right decision on that time. i said stoped i will come again after some days . i discussed with 2 doctors. they analyzed and said this patient never suppose to be for plastic.

just suppose a patient 62 years old , go for operation and only u do wrong decision then what will happend. i want this hospital should be handover to Govt. and Mr. Shehbaz Shareef should take it on priority this issue. Thanks


My sister Mrs Shahida Rizwan was Dr. Javed Akram's patient and was operated upon by Dr Ali Raza at Doctors Hospital on 20th June 2008. They mishandled her case and she died on 30th June. Internal bleeding took place because they did not take proper measures before operating her. Dr. Ali Raza should be taken to task. I join you in demanding closure of this slaughter house.

Tahira Altaf

dear Aqeel,

I am Saleem Shahab, Associate Editor of Monthly Technobiz( i am also victim of this bloody Doctor's Hospital. The so called hospital got the life of my real Brother cold bloodedly in the end of 2006 in such a manner that the family of my brother broke away for ever. They had to sell their home, shop, and defaulted to the bank loan. My nephew requested me to tell the story to u. as a matter of fact, u r the first who raised the voice against this criminal hospital. I alongwith my nephew want to share grief and sorrow with you on the sad demise of ur innocent daughter. i fully support ur campaign against malicious doctors.

thank and regards

Saleem Shahab

I am doing I.T. business in Dubai for over a decade.

In February 09, I had to visit Pakistan (Lahore) with family members for participating a marriage ceremony in our family. Unfortunately due to climate change, my son of four months old suffered with fever and some stomach trouble.

Without my knowledge wife preferred to rush Doctor Hospital with the presumption that proper treatment and care would be taken by the so called renowned hospital’s competent doctors. A token was handed over to my wife with the advice to wait in emergency ward. Meanwhile when I went to hospital to see the condition of my son who had high fever with considerable weakness appearing on his face.

I went straightway immediately to relevant doctor’s room whereby he was joking and laughing with one of his students.

On my insistence he earmarked to a very dirty bed with full of dirt, blood marks on the sheet with bad smell all around it. I gave Rs. 300/- to a working woman there, who did clean the bed nicely and also arranged a curtain around the bed for privacy.

After a lapse of about thirty minutes, doctor advised the nurse to inject my son and she did it so. Doctor visited the patients after half an hour and asked the nurse to give him glucose. Nurse shifted my son to a nearby room and fixed the needle with glucose to my child. I realized that such needle was supposed to be used for elders only and same size of needle was used for little baby.

It was hearten to mention here that they start injecting a large quantity of glucose with fast moving drops which is in no way meant for little babies. There is a long story to elaborate about their negligent and ignorance of proper treatment to a patient without consultation with a specialized doctor, but sorry to say that they are treating the patients blindly and without their full responsibility.

By noticing the improper treatment of the working staff of so-called renowned Doctor Hospital, suddenly I decided to take my son to a specialized doctor, who fortunately was practicing in a normal area on his own clinic. This doctor was shocked to know about the treatment which was given to my little son in Doctor Hospital. He told me that such huge dose of glucose is not even ever recommended to a four months old baby. How they did such foolish mistake.

Thanks to almighty Allah, that my son is now 14 months of age with good health.

I fully agree with you that Doctor Hospital is not a hospital for patients but it is just like a good slaughterhouse.

Dear Mr Aqeel Malik

First of all I would like to share the grief with regrets and condolence for tragic demise of innocent Imanae Malik with you May Allah rest her soul in eternal peace and give fortitude to her family to bear this irrecoverable loss with courage.

Now I am sharing my experience at DAKOO hospital

Patient: Khalida Khanum

Admission: 24-08-2009

Death: 08-09-2009

My MOTHER was admitted in Doctors Hospital generally called DAKOO Hospital. She remained in hospital for many days. One specific thing that I want to bring to the knowledge of General Public that some doctor are also involved with hospital management / medical store

During the period my mother was admitted, I noted there Doctor usually recommended / prescribe near expiry products especially injections to the patient in medical IC U

These were so called special medicines which are not available from any where in Lahore expect the pharmacy of this hospital e.g. TYG ACIL injection available at Rs.4200/-per injection were sold to almost all patient in the month of September 2009 because Doctor hospital pharmacy had the stock of this injection which were going to expire on 30th September 2009.

This is only one example of criminal attitude of the hospital management and doctors. When I was in hospital with my mother at that time a road accident had occurred near the hospital. A young motorcyclist received many injuries he was brought to the hospital in serious condition, but the hospital administration was not ready to even give him first aid after exchange of harsh words the paramedical staff just attend and referred to rescue 1122

So we request the GOVT and MEDIA to take serious action against the criminal negligence of doctors in DAKOO hospital and seal for ever.


This is so sad. My husband Tahir was admitted for 10 days 2 months ago in Doctors hospital in his recent trip to Pakistan with small intestinal obstruction that they could not diagnose after 10 days. Tahir paid over 150,000 for all the tests. They were treating him for food poisoning, cholecystitis with heavy IV antibiotics. After 10 days, and seeing the CT scan, I advised him to get rid of those butchers and come to Canada.He self discharged him as they were not willing to discharge him. He took the flight in Pain. He was treated very badly there. Spread the news and get rid of these butchers.

Fozia Alvi M.D


Dear Aqeel

First of all I must condole you on the greatest loss of life you faced in last couple of days. I am also a father an I know how a parent feel when a small pain touched their children. I also know how it feel when someone u love goes to heaven. I am also victim of dis slaughterhouse named doctors hospital. My father was a dylasis patient. This process was done twice a week. The team there was very nice but the doctors did not care abut patients. they want to admit patient in emergency. My father gone to emergency three times. And finaly last year he passed away.

Technically speaking they didnot set the Ultrafiltration goal accordingly. eg if actual dry weight is 59 kg then they UF is set that atleast 1 litter water remain in body. That will cause pain for patient and finally he rushed to emergency dylasis. and considering the odds regular dylasis cost is 2500 and emergency dylasis cost is 5000.Now you will understand what is their approach.

May Allah give you strength for this noble cause.Also I pray to Allah that you and your family relive from this great loss.

Allah Hafiz


Haris Masood

dear Mr.Aqeel,

i am fatima

today on my way to office i saw a billboard in defense having the pic of your daughter and and after reaching my office the first work i did was the reading of your daughter\'s story. believe me muje nhi maloom k mien complete story parhte huve kab rona shoroo huvi aur ab tak mien apne aap ko set nhi kr saki.

i\'ve been reading about imanae for many days. Bieng a mother i can understand your feelings . Allah ap ko sabar ata kare aur aap ko auald se nawaze.

i discussed imanae story to all my friends, family and office collegues. i want to share the incidence of my uncle\'s death who was also a victim of doctors hospital. In Dec 2000, my uncle, Nisar Butt, was operated in doctors hospital by the well known Cardiologists Dr.SHEHRYAR and Dr.Fayaz Hashmi. After the bypass surgery my uncle did not even come back in conciousness. Doctors then made us assure that he is fine and will be get well very soon. He reamained unconcious for more then a month and during that timae doctors also operated and cut his right leg. after more then a month he behind a widow, a son and a daugther.

After some time we came to know, by some source of doctors hospital that before my uncle\'s surgery he was given such a high dose of GENERAL ANAESTHESIA that he never came back in conciousnes.

Mr.Aqeel if u want any support from my side i would be always ready for this.

Take care

Allah Hafiz

Fatima Iqba

Yes I am also and you should also be witness what doctor's hospital did with Saleem bhai, he was very much talking and in sense, when we took him in doctor's hospital and these butchers really ruined his life and now he is on the bed for the last 5 months, cannot speak, cannot sit, cannot breed.

We all should boycot these blady guys and must bring them to the court of justice. What will happen to them in the Court of Allah Subhan a Ta'Allah? God knows but here in this world they should be punished.

Regards-Waheed Butt

I also want to share my experience at Doctor's Hospital which is not as horrible as this little girl.

In 2004, my father got heart attack and I took him to Doctors Hospital where Dr. Shehryar attended him. During our 2 weeks stay at this hospital Dr. Shehryar prescribed a medicine to my father which I started buying from the pharmacy of Doc. Hosp. but that pharmacy never gave me bill of that medicine which was too expensive. After a while when my father discharged from the hospital, I was about to buy whole month medicine from the doctor hospital pharmacy but my father stopped me saying that if they do not write the medicine on the bill, he cannot get it re-imburssed from his company and asked me to get the same medicine which Dr. Shehryar prescribed. I went to Fazal Din and asked for the same medicine along with other. Shocked when Fazal Din informed me that this medicine is not a registered medicine in Pakistan and it is illegal to stock and sell such medicines instead he proposed me an alternate of some good company which is 200 times cheaper then the one which Dr. Shehryar wrote. I refered that alternate to Dr. Shehryar who said if Fazal Din does not have this medicine then buy the same from Doc. Hosp. pharmacy. If i am not wrong the name of that medicine was Plavex. After some days i spoke to a pharma chap who told me that many doctors in Pakistan gets huge amount of benefits from 99% pharmacies and importers to write/prescribe the medicnes. The bribe goes upto maximum where doctors get Return tickets with family for recreational trips to Miami, Europe etc. Sometimes, they ask for latest model of beemer, or merc etc and sometimes they ask to arrange a fake seminar somewhere in Europe and big companies even multinational then arrange for it. But no media will highlight such issue in their program or news because these big pharma companies pay huge amount to tv channels and newspapers including Geo and Dawn in lieu of Advertisments etc.

I can just imagine if the attractions and bribe is this much high for prescribing legal medicines then how much would be the bribe for prescribing illegal and un registered medicine and then who will check the shelf life and quality of those medicines. this underworld is so strong that they do not leave a single mark behind then and they do not write the correct name of such illegal medicines on the receipt. All this happened in Doctors Hopital and Doctors like Dr. Asghar, Shehryar and Khalid are among those who under an agreement with Doctors Hospital has to share the profits.

Second case was observed when I took my wife to this Business Centre. I called them and asked for the concerned Doctor. I further asked that what is the qualification of that doctor. The other guy from Doc. Hospital informed me about 6 or 7 foreign degrees of that doctor. I got satisfied and took the appointment. When I went there I found a lad sitting there. I was bit confused how come such a young person can get 6 or seven world's top qualifications and specializations. Upon asking he told me that actual doctor is on leave so I am working on behalf of him. I asked that but you are so young and what is your qualification he told me that he just completed his house job and has joined doc hospital as a visiting doc. I was quite amazed that the hospital gave me the detail of a doctor which is very experience and i am paying 1000 rupees for this junior consultancy. Anyways, my wife stopped me to yell and he proceeded. I was again shocked when he took the original senior doctor's letter head and started writing medicines and other informaiton on that paper. I then asked that why you are using the letter head of some other doctor? he replied if you are not interested then take you money back and leave the hospital. I wanted to slap on his face then I thought he is not the culprit and actual culprits are sitting in their Offices.

Sayed Ghayyour Hassan

Hello Aqeel,

I just read this article and feel compelled to write a few words myself. Beleive me I can understand what you are going through.

I too have been a victim of this so called "Elite Hospital". My father had Bypass surgery here a year and a half ago. About 8 months ago he started having pain in his back. I got him admitted in this hospital for a week. They did pretty much every single test (from cancers to organ tests to Morphology) but could not diagnose it. After that the ridicoulous doctor started avoiding us. My mother and i literally faced insult from him just so that we could get some good treatment for my dad. They DIDI NOTHING!!!! I ran from one hospital to the other because these guys were not doing anything. It is obvious that, for a heart patient, its best to not change doctors frequently. But these bastards did nothing and ignored us. All they were interested in was to do tests to make more money.....tests that had nothing to do with his condition. I'm not an illiterate person. I am an engineer with plently of Doctors in my family so when i say tests that had nothing to do with his condition, i know that for a fact!!

He passed away a month later! When they were executing CPR on him, i was enraged to see the guys laughing and telling jokes when my father's heart had stopped beating. They were having fun!!!!!!!! while my father was dying. Its been seven months now, but i still remeber those moments as if they happened today. I still remeber those faces laughing while they tried to revive him!!

At that moment, i just considered it to be Allah's will and ignored their "humanity". But now, i am sure it was their carelessness that tore my family to shreads. I would like to contribute to this movement.



We really feel sorry at such a tragedy which could be avoided with a little careful attitude of the doctors-whom we consider as our so called saviors.May Imanae soul rest in peace.

We are also among the victims of the Doctors Hospital whose main purpose is to mint money. Back in the year 2006, Doctors Hospital took the life of our Grand Mother Fatima Sardar who was a chronic heart patient.She was an old lady of 78years who was perfectly enjoying her life with the help of pace maker and regular medication.Unfortunately, someone advised us to consult Doctors Hospital for minor problems due to her ailment.There,the consultants advised for open heart surgery(previously almost every doctor opposed open heart surgery due to old age)They, however succeeded in convincing us for surgery for which we paid Rs. 0.6Million(Six Lac)in advance.Before the operation our Grand Mother was fit and fine and she went to the operation theater while talking with us with high moral.After the operation she could not recover and went into coma.Doctors said they are regretting for their decision to undertake surgery and asked for additional Rs. 1lac to do stenting.However they did not disclose to us that her condition was very critical neither they let any one of us meet her.They kept on telling us that the things are under control despite of the fact that she was already dead.When we deposited Rs. 1Lac they declared after 15minutes that she was no more with us.Thus due to their greed and lust for money we lost our Grand Mother.

No doubt its purely a cold blooded murder.May her soul rest in peace.Though Imanae and our Grand Mother can never return but we are standing by you in this moment of grief.We join you in your struggle to unveil these butchers and to further stop the slaughtering of the innocent Pakistanis.

May Allah grant you fortitude to accomplish your mission.

Shazia Tariq

I am really sorry for your loss as I can really understand your situation due to the father of two daughters.....I really appreciate your efforts because you are not only trying to provide justice to Imanae but also creating a platform for whole Pakistanis so in the future this never happen to anybody else and unfortunately if somebody effected like this again at least he/she knows how to get the justice.....I have also a very bad experience about Doctor\'s(killer) Hospital as my father was admitted with angina pain and when we go through the angiography the doctor who did it with a big beard on his face call for me in his office showed me the report and told me that my father need to put two stunt immediately costing about 4 lac 50 thousand and asked my permission to do it right away as the angiography is still in process.....fortunately one of my relative came at that time and told me that you have to take the second opinion because they are notorious for this kind of behavior with every patient...I was in shock how can a Mullah like doctor could tell me this false report...I agreed to my relative and take second opinion from Dr. Ashfaq very famous heart specialist and he told us that there is no need of even a single stent he can heal by medicines easily...and there I was with a bigger shock how can they do this....this is a clear fraud.....actually Doctor Hospital is robbing people in disguise...and now they started killing people...!

Mian Umair

First of all please accept my heartfelt condolence on the sad event of an angel called Imanae. May god give her the best place in heaven...ameen.

Eight years ago i had a heart attack and was advised angeo. On various recommendations i was advised to best go to Doctors Hospital for the procedure. We so went me and my wife. We were told the procedure will be next morning and that we should relax till then in the room. Later in the afternoon suddenly all this nursing staff started appearing and doing some sort of preparation. On my wifes inquiry were informed that i was to be taken to the OP for Angeo in an hour. She responded that was it not supposed to be the next morning to which they simply responded no madam its now. A heart patiant after 15 days of a heart attack is generally very upset and gets nervous with such surprises. i was no exception as mentally i was prepared for it to happen the next morning. Anyway me and wife decided well if it had to happen why not now. She quickly called relatives as she was all aone with me then. I did my kalmas and was taken to the OT on stretcher. Dr. Shaheryar who was to do the procedure turned up under the Big lamp and looking at me asked " What are you doing here " I was well shocked and told him his people brought me there. He took a sigh and went through my charts. All this time i was shivering wondering what was happening. Then he informed me that though it was a mistake on hospitals part he was ready to do it. I said fine with me. Now the roller coaster ride was not over for me yet. Then he smiled and said well there is one injection to relax the muscles to be administered to me 2 hours before the surgery and not a good idea to go though it without that injectin. So ? I was sent back to my room.

I thought i had gone to a hospital that was unexceptionably good in services and providing medical help. Anyone will undrstand what a trauma was caused for me and my wife through that negligence. Thank god next day the procedure took place and i came out unhurt. Once again, please condole for me with the grieved mother too. May god provide her parents and loved ones the strength to bear this loss.

Mirza Naim Beg

I think this movement will be a blessing for those who God forbidden visit the Doctors Hospital and will help them to save their lives and huge money which Doctor hospital charged for their poor quality services.

I had also worst experience of visiting the Doctors Hospital on 22 November 2009. My wife suddenly had severe abdominal pain on 22nd Nov (Sunday)and I took her to the Doctor's hospital emergency at 12 o clock,where without any diagnosis MO start giving her injections, pain killers, antibiotics and many other medicines, which came to his mind.But all these medicines were not effecting her and she start fainting and get unconscious.I asked Doctor that she is not recovering after so much heavy medicines why are you not taking her tests and Ultrasound to know the exact problem. Doctor replied it is Sunday so ultrasound can not be done.So as her condition was getting more critical and BP reach to 30, 60 and i called the doctor they keep injecting her different medicines but it was of no use.Doctor's attitude was so normal as nothing is happening there.After crying, Doctors start calling Ultrasound Doctor who said that he will reach after two hours.When the Ultra sound Doctor came at 5 o clock and he ultrasound he found that her tube was ruptured and she had almost 5 liters of blood loss in her abdomen and that's why she has fainted and bBP reached 30 60.I would never forget that miserable experience (6 hours)where i found myself on the mercy of those untrained junior doctors and butcher qualified doctors who did not bother other lives and do not come to visit emergency patients.

It was my GOD mercy and my wife's luck, by virtue of which she fought with her death and had emergency surgery and saved. But those miser,qualified and experienced doctors who play with patient lives for money left no escape from her death but even then GOD saved her. I offer you any cooperation which could help you to close this bucher house and help you to succeed in your great humanitarian cause.


Syed Aamir Turab

Assalaamu Alaikum Aqeel bhai,

I've watched news coverage of your precious little one's case with absolute shock and horror these last couple of days. It stuns, but doesn't surprise me that a couple of channels had the balls to deny you airtime. In Pakistan, justice is barely served. All the celebrations surrounding the chief justice's "reinstatement", to me, was always premature.

Doctors Hospital and National Hospital (Defence, Lahore) are notorious for being (i) slaughter-houses and (ii) money-snatching thieves - the devil's right hands. My ailing grandfather once had a surgery at Doctor's Hospital. The doctor came out in the middle of the operation to inform us of some additional growth he had detected in his urinary tract. He wanted to know if we wanted that growth removed. When we said, yes, of course, his response was that it would cost us an additional 30k. We agreed. My point is: how inhumane, unethical and materialistic of a doctor to leave a patient, split open on the operation table, to exit the O.R. for business concerns. At the end of it all, he forgot to use some medication, due to which, the 80- something patient had to go under the knife (and general anesthesia) a second time round. He also developed a hernia after that. God alone know if his body actually reacted to the staples or something went wrong in the O.R. To this day, he suffers, with his health deteriorating by the day. Oh, and they ordered some very expensive equipment for him, which we paid for, and then, by the time of discharge, they had neither used it nor remembered to return it. Conveniently forgotten! We had to return to the hospital to recover it.

After all is said and done, I realise that these incidents do not even begin to match your tragedy. We mourn with you, and stand by you.

Allah Hafiz,


Dear Aqeel

Very sad....i have no words to say about the sad demise of your little this is a are truely right that they are running a slaughter house...i have also encountered with a similar my father died in Doctors hospital on 4th November, 2009. By taking a very stupid decision they have done the major surgery of my father who was 75 years everyone was in shock that how they can do that with a very old man....but they do that only for making money and nothing a result of surgery my father collapsed and they took around Rs.600,000 in 10 days...which i managed from credit cards and running finance etc....that is why i called this hospital "DAAKO HOSPITAL".

Please accept my condolence and my God give you and your family the courage the bear this irrepairable loss.



I am a victim of Doctor\'s Hospital\'s brutality as well. One of the so called highly compitent pulmonoloist named Kamran Chima who has been my mother\'s consultant has also surprised me with his inhumane and insenstive behaviour. After checking my mother he dignosed her with Type 2 repiratory failure and when i asked him \"what is that\"? he asked me to google it as he had no time. Ultimately my mother was admited there with medical equipment. The machine they used for her treatment is worth 40,000 Rs in market and hey chaged me 50, 000 rent for 20 days. They charge you like hell and provide services worse than offered in govenment hospitals

I have no words to show my grief over your loss, but i assure you my support on whenever and wherever needed basis.

I wish you all the best in your noble cause. I am touched that finally someone is taking up the stand and willing to unviel these black sheeps.

I once again assure you my support. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you need me ever.

Asim Amin

First of all, my heartfelt condolence on the sad demise of your daughter due to the barbaric treatment given by the hospital. I am a mother and I can feel the pain. May Allah give you, your wife and the family the \'sabr\' to bear this pain.

I would like to share my experience with Doctor\'s hospital - that I already term as Killer hospital. My mother was having some chest pain for a few days so our family doctor asked for an ecg and we took her to Doctor\'s hospital. The doctor on duty read the ecg \'your mother had heart attack 10 days ago and we need to admit her and run tests like angiography on her. Its an emergency\'.

My brother and I both felt the world collapse around us but thank God our minds worked and we went to our family doctor straight away with the ecg report and guess what???? It was a normal ecg. That day till today....

we havent gone back there!!!!

Syma Iftikhar

My daughter got was murdered too by them... she was just 19 days old, just took her there for a regular check up, there told me that she was not breathing alright and murdered her by giving her the wrong injection, although apparently there was nothing wrong with her. it was just a routine check up.

Now she is gone.

Ali Jameel


No matter whatever i say, the loss of the child is not recoverable, I feel sad but i understand the trauma as i m one of the sufferer of Doctors Hospital myself, My First cousin Zamin Abbass was 28 when he was hospitalized for some throat infection/ temperature some 6 years back, due to high potency dozage of medicines,injections, he ended in goin to comma and spend his last week of life in ICU on respirator, he wasnt that ill, when i went to meet him, he just had temperature, gala kharab etc, and he met me on his own feet, He was married for only 6 months.

this all happened due to the neglegence of Doc Hospital staff, i still remember, when i went to see him in ICU, his arm was bleeding all the way to matress but none of the staff cared and i had to shout on the nurse and doctor.

I again feel sorry for your loss, and wanto assure u, that u arent alone in the sufferers, May Allah give u and your family Sabbar,(Amin)


Syed Danish Raza

I am so sorry for your loss. May Allah gives you strength to bear this loss. My father was taken to Dr\'s Hospital 3 yrs ago after a severe stroke (brain hamridge). The onfamour Dr. Shayryar went for namaz instead of attending him. It took them 5 hrs to determine that its a brian hamridge. They did 2 surgeries of his brain and we paid an arm and leg to the greedy doctors. The pharmacy was selling me medicine which was not even required. Our daily bill for the pharmacy was around 65,000 RS for 12 days.

My father remianed on bed with no senses and passed away a year later. May Allah bless his soul. I hope and pray that your effort bring these Killers at Dr. Hospital to justice.


Bhai Allah pak ko jo manzor hota hay wohi hota hay. Doctors Hospital walay bilkul aisay he hain, jaisay kissi ko aghwa braye Tawaan AghVa kia jayee. Farq siraf itna hay Aghwa Braye Tavaaan main Aghwa kia jata hay and MUGHVEE tawaan Mangtay hain, And in k pass hum loog khud chal kar jatay hain, Achay khassay ko mareez bna detay hain, and uskay ghar waloon k bartab bhi bik jayen na to inkay lalach k bhoook khatam nahin hoti. Meray aik relitive thay, jinki death ho gaye hay. Unki death rastay main ho chuki the, magar In DAKOOOUN nay Rs, 260000.00 kay Injections mangwaye and draya k agar na mangwaye to mareez mar jaye ga. abb martay kia na kartay, kissi say qarz pakra, Payment kar k Dead BODY mili.

In ka hospital band hona chahiyeee

Chorna nahin inkoooooooo

my grand father was 80years old.he was not well . we admitted him to doctors hospital.the doctors use to ask us for getting his tests : blood test, urine test and alot more( which were not even requried) and keep on saying that he needs rest and should not be discharged. we concluded that they are after money not treatment. my mother said to the doctor that we dont have enough money but if you people really want that he should stay in hospital then WE HAVE NO ISSUES. (she said just to check) THEY DISCHARGED MY GRAND FATHER RIGHT AWAY..!!!!!!!! my family hates doctors grand dads condition got worse and he passed away... but we cannot take a stand etc cause he had the age factor as well


Dear friend,

my condolences to you and your family on the loss of angel Imanae, in the hands of these taliban in white coats! i write to express my gratitude and solidarity with you in this noble cause as my family and i also suffered at the hands of these barbarians when they killed my 29 year old brother (Naseer Ahmed Khan) - short brief of our nightmare below:

• June 2009: Perfectly healthy Naseer undergoes sleeve gastrectomy surgery at Ammar Hospital. Naseer falls ill straight after the simple surgery after which the patient is discharged the next day, under normal circumstances. Naseer continues to vomit relentlessly every 10 minutes irrespective of if he has eaten anything or not. The surgeon continues to reassure that everything is fine and discharges my brother after 4 days. Naseer is on a drip and unable to eat or drink anything with relentless vomiting

• July 2009: Naseer continues to lose health with vomiting. we show Naseer's medical examinations (undertaken at Ammar Hospital) to Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi who declare that patient is very ill and needs urgent medical attention - because of an obstruction in his digestive tract. We fly Naseer to Karachi, who has another surgery at Aga Khan. The doctors declare vomiting as a result of herniation of the small intestine caused by the negligence of the previous surgeon during the surgery. Naseer recovers and gets discharged and returns to Lahore. Naseer starts oral diet, but still his vomiting has not stopped, that comes every time he has anything to eat or drink

• START OF DOCTORS HOSPITAL NIGHTMARE • just before ramadan 2009: we take Naseer to Dr. Shaukat Mirza at Doctors Hospital, to get examined. Upon medical examination doctor declares Naseer still has obstruction in stomach and needs surgery

• 2nd ramadan 2009: Naseer undergoes surgery by Dr. Shaukat Mirza and Dr. Asad Jawad at Doctors Hospital. Obstruction is apparently removed and Naseer gets discharged after 8 days.

• The same day he was discharged, Naseer starts vomiting BLOOD. he starts to get unconscious and haemoglobin falls from 12 (over 10 required for normal person) to the critical level of 4. we rush him back to Doctors Hospital.

• Naseer undergoes another surgery at sehri time, the very next day he is discharged, by the same surgeons. the explanation given to us is that by "coincidence" a blood vessel got ruptured in his stomach - causing him to vomit blood. they tell us that this can happen to anyone/anytime and it was just "luck". HAVE YOU EVER HEARD PEOPLE FALLING ILL BECAUSE A RANDOM BLOOD VESSEL BURST IN THE STOMACH AND THEY STARTED THROWING UP BLOOD???.

• Naseer is recovering from this 4th surgery in about 3 months - and he has gone without any food and water during this time. on the 7th post-operative day, it is discovered that Naseer has now developed an internal leakage, whereby his stomach is now leaking and his digestive fluids (bile) is leaking in his body. after 48 hours (i.e. the 9th day from his first surgery at Doctors Hospital), Naseer is taken for another surgery to fix the leak - the 3rd surgery at Doctors Hospital!

• Naseer comes out of this surgery and the doctors tell us they have been unable to fix the leak...... Naseer now starts developing internal infection with fever touching 105F!!!

• during this time his antibiotic treatment, based on Doctors Hospital lab's culture sensitivity report turns out to be wrong - as proven by Aga Khan Hospital's culture sensitivity report.

• Eid day: amidst all the pain, no food and water, high fever - Naseer develops breathing problems and is taken to ICU. We are told he is now suffering from ARDS i.e. his lungs have failed and he is put on a ventilator and his health starts to deteriorate.

• Within Doctors Hospital's ICU, doctors manage to puncture Naseer's lungs by poor management of ventilator settings. his chest is cut again to insert pipes in to his lungs, while he is in constant sedation and in near coma state

• Naseer's health is deteriorating fast and cause of infection is not known and he needs MRI badly to ascertain cause of infection??!! BUT THE MRI MACHINE AT DOCTORS HOSPITAL IS NOT WORKING!!!!! WE ARE UNABLE TO TAKE HIM OUTSIDE AS DOCTORS HOSPITAL DOES NOT HAVE A MOBILE VENTILATOR

• 3 October 2009: Naseer undergoes his 6th surgery in less than 4 months (4 of which in one month and at Doctors Hospital) to prevent the infection from spreading. This surgery is on a patient now on full ventilator support, with great risk of death on the surgery table. This surgery discovers that the drains placed by doctors previously to prevent his bile from leaking inside, have actually tore through this small intestine and have been aiding the spread of infection, instead of preventing it!

• 7 October 2009: Naseer is declared dead at Doctors Hospital..... Naseer a perfectly healthy 29 year old man, after 6 surgeries in less than 4 months, left behind him a grieving widow, parents and siblings. During this time, he felt unparalleled pain and poor, inhuman, unprofessional, inadequate care from the doctors, nurses and other staff at doctors hospital. we were kept in total darkness and told only to "pray" while these butchers were mercilessly slaughtering my brother! in the end they succeeded in killing my brother and extracting Rs3million from us, while we we still can not understand how these people managed to blow something small in to a life taker! they lied and maltreated my brother and the family.

Now we see a ray of light in the bold war you have raged against these butchers - taliban in white coats. I along with my family, friends and other friends whose loved suffered similar fate to ours at Doctors Hospital stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Our aim is to seek justice against mass murder caused by Doctors without a single finger being raised against them, closure of Doctors Hospital and reform of the medical system that only promotes conflict of interest and mass murder!

fyi, one of the attendants, whose mother was also in ICU took a video from his mobile showing that at 2am the nurses had locked the door from inside, while the patients were shouting in great pain or were risking their lives by fiddling with key life support equipment attached to them, while no staff was there to check them. When this evidence was produced in front of the head of ICU, Dr. Kamran Cheema he shrugged it aside and paid no heed and to avoid any future problems they shifted the mother of these attendants to a private room. HUMAN SLAUGHTER BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!!!!

Certain well wishers and people who suffered at Doctors Hospital also copied on this email. Happy to help at any appropriate platform.




I feel so sad i read this story and i remembered that 3 years back my Great Uncle and well known name in Pakistan Education System ( Professor Nasir Saeed) was admitted to the same hospital. His problem was just gastric. But this slaughter house took 7 days and in 7 days they used medicines of Rupees 1-Lakh and then they said take him to Sheikh Zaid hospital. But time was over and we lost a Great Personality of Pakistan. May GOD Bless his soul. He was writer of so many Commerce Books and very famous in india, Pakistan and Europe as well.

He had worked with Lahore GOVT College , Faisalabad College of commerce and much much more.

Farooq Azam

Dear Mr. Aqeel,

M really sorry and feeling very pain since when i heard the news of your daughter's death, my all sympathies are with U, We are with u, m living in Saudi Arabia and in Pakistan my home is in Johar town Lahore, some days back my father has a little pain in heart and we visited Doctors hospital where the docotors trapped us that ur father has more than 2 heart attacks and just going to die he is very serious and we are scared because we never have an idea of this dieses well they admitted and make an operation with very huge amount, after some days one of my friends has felt the same problem and when he visited the doctors hospital they have palyed the same trick but my friend prefers not to operate and without operation he is very fine Al - Hamdulillah only with tablets, my friend also visited some other doctors where they surprised to see that u have a normal problem not so big to operate ................ i mean to say that the doctors in doctors hospitals are really butchers and just to earn the money they make the people very scared. i assure u once again wthat e are with u and we fight against them Insha Allah. May God rest the soul of ur daughter in heaven Ameeen.

Best Regards,

Rao Majid Ali

i have suffered the same pain from this bloody Doctor (killer) son Junaid (5 and half year old) died in doctor hospital on 10th Nov 2009...after recovering from a brain tumor surgery .Of which doctor assured us that its a 90% success surgery...

The pain and trauma we have been through while our stay in the hospital is unimaginable. It’s very unfortunate the disease our son caught, but our misery and pain was doubled by the negligence and maltreatment of doctor hospitals staff and doctor. Even though, we had spent almost Rs 1,000,000 (one million) for the treatment in doctor hospital. Sir we equally share the pain you are having. Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you.

Makhdoom Umar

i have suffered the same pain from this bloody Doctor (killer) son Junaid (5 and half year old) died in doctor hospital on 10th Nov 2009...after recovering from a brain tumor surgery .Of which doctor assured us that its a 90% success surgery...

The pain and trauma we have been through while our stay in the hospital is unimaginable. It’s very unfortunate the disease our son caught, but our misery and pain was doubled by the negligence and maltreatment of doctor hospitals staff and doctor. Even though, we had spent almost Rs 1,000,000 (one million) for the treatment in doctor hospital.

Sir we equally share the pain you are having. Please do let me know if I can be of any help to you.

Makhdoom Umar

as salam o alikum dear brother,

i can extreamly feel ur pain and may ALLAH give u saberun jameel.. ma'shaALLAH ur daughter is a angel in JANNAH ..

just feel it that way and u will feel better inshaALLAH. i have also lost my beloved husband who was just 38 due to the neg. of doctor hospital doctors. he had chest pain and pain in the stomach area but they send him back home telling it my be digesion probz as we are frm abroad and might have a sensitive stomach.. hrs later he deid at home.. i will pray for ur family inshaALLAH heartiest sorrow and salam ...

Samira Yusuf

Dear Mr. Aqeel,

It was sad and tragic incident. May Allah give courage to you and your wife to cope with all this. It is not the first case that has happened in the history of Doctors Hospital but I wish it be a last one. I was one of the victims once when was taken to this hospital having a severe asthma attack but there was no doctor to attend in the emergency. Despite of the fact that I was a regular patient of one of the partners of this 5 star hospital, I was not given a required treatment.

I was taken to Services in a timely manner and got a proper treatment there. Most of the Consultants and doctors at Doctors Hospital are just doing business. They least bother about the life, but they do care about the money. They do not know the ethics of this field but they do know how to business. Wasim Akram also claimed that his wife died because he was misled by the doctors. His family was also willing to take action against the hospital. I suggest if you can approach him and may be can join hands to get justice. May Allah give you sabar.

Best regards

share your grief as i also lost my mother last year and am still grievingThey gave her overdose of antiboitics.My sister who is a Doctor in USA for 25 years told them that is not suiitable for her body weight but they would not listen.They only make money And is called DAKOO HOSPITAL.My old father has cried every day since then and sits on her grave for hours.He prayed each day that someone expose them I pray for u



first of all i am really sorry for ur loss nothing can fill that gap in ur lives..Imanae was so pretty mashallah she had been ur life i really feel sad and my heart comes out each day i read the updates about how DH and police is treating the case i hope u get justice soon..but watever happens Imanae will never come back but i guess the pain will lessen a bit is she gets justice..DH has always been like this my friend\'s mother was also mistreated and passed away in three days just because of there mistreatment there are plenty of cases wic have been closed or not understood by ppl wat that slaughter house has been doing..i pray that it closes down and thy cancel its lisence soon so that mankind can be saved..

best regards,


Well i have also been a victim of the negligence of a skin specialist in doctors hospital. The doctor was treating me with the laser therapy for hair removal. The doctor herself knew that the laser machine wasn\'t working well that particular day but still she used it on me, that resulted a bad skin burn on all my neck. Now i have bad scars on my neck. As am a reporter in a television channel, one can really imagine how the bad scars would have effected my appearance and my profession as well.

Anyhow, we strongly condemn the unethical and inhuman attitude of the doctors hospital. We stand by with you, Aqeel in this time. May God your little child rest in peace and give you strength to bear this loss.


Aimen Tahir

Brother its really painful to know about your daughter. I read full story how it happened and it remind me whole incident which happend with my father. He had a heart pain which was treated by doctor hospital and was converted into brain hamridge , paralysis and pneumonia and finally he died after 14 days and this was all due to professional negligence and criminal act by Doctors Hospital johar town. It all happened due to over dose of an injection Agra Stat which was given to him twicly in an hour and according to medical science it could be only given once in a life time. A doctor over there told me that injection was given to him because \"10 hazar ka injection hay janab khul gya tha ager na lagatay tau zaya ho jata phir aap kahtay injection tau laga nai pasay kaysay\" this was the bloody statement. Brother I am with you at any time you need me I will be there and I want this slaughter house to be closed and these doctor specially doctors who treated your daughter and Dr. SARWAR and Dr. Haroon who treated my father should be hang till death or at least their practice licence should be canceled.

Hassan Umair Chaudhry

Last year my father had heart problem. He had surgery to fix stents. He was shifted to most intensive care unit. Suddenly he started lost his breathings. We requested every staff member on duty but no one took it serious. On telephone call I told some doctor known to me (not related to that surgery) that condition of my father is very serious. He visited my father at once in emergency and told that Blood was started seeping from stitches and no one cared. At that stage he was about to loose his life. My doctor friend helped out. Doctors Hospital is having MISERABLE staff except any doctor is known to you. They only know to get huge amounts and generally not taking care of their patients. I protest against bloody bastard staff of the hospital. This hospital must be closed.



its really very hard to say any words on this tragedy that you people have gone through. My whole family is very sorry and sad for you, We also went through the same tragedy about 9 years ago. His name was Waqqas Hashmi, he used to work in the hospital as an accounts manager, he was called to the hospital on a sunday morning and shot at the back of his head . No investigation was carried out by any authorities they got a document signed by the poor old father of the demised that we (his family ) does not want any investigations carried out. Theyput all the blame on the dead ie; my brother committed suicide, but we all knew that there was no reason for that.

Afterwards some people from the hospital told our family that a few renouned doctors were involved in his murder , the reason for his murder was that the big surgens were stealling organs from patient's bodies who came for different surgaries there. I m writing all this to you cause we also have gone through the same pain n sorrow as you are. These people should be brought to their ends now. May Allah give you strength to cope with that jihad we all are with you . thanking you

Masooma (sister of the victim)

Dear Aqeel,

On behalf of my family and my publication please accept our heartfelt condolences on the passing away of your beloved daughter. We pray to Almighty Allah to give you and your family enough courage to bear this irreparable loss Amen.

We have already put this news on our Dental News face book and would carry the news item in Medical News front page. We would appreciate more specific information like name of the injections administered to her. My mother in law was also admitted to this Daku hospital and died on Sept 10th. I would like to extend my full support to you as we have to save the lives of others from these incompetent and heartless doctors at any cost. If you go to court I am willing to share the cost as well. Please note that the case should not be referred to Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as there it would be dealt with by heir cronies. It has to be in Lahore High Court directly. I hope to hear from you.

Hashim Hasan

Dear Sir,

I cannot imagine your grief and I am very sorry to hear of this incident. This hospital (popularly known as "daku" hospital) is known to make money out of nothing as well as misdiagnosing patients. Since the main doctors of Lahore have a share in it not much is done. Recently a friend was taken to it after a car crash (as this was the nearest medical facility). While fixing her broken arm, a regular fracture, they managed to dislocate her shoulder and never informed the family. On top this they refused to do another x-ray as that would have shown their mess up. My friend's family is suing the authorities.

Secondly someone had gone their for amputation of their right leg due to gangrene. The doctors ended up amputating the left leg (the good one) just out of negligence. Imagine the pain that patient's family had to go through. And on top of these stories they are so rude when it comes to money matters.

They come for the payment everyday, not caring the state of the patient, hoe serious they are and knowing that the family isn't going to run away at night! Even National Hospital has similar stories. Doctors Hospital and National Hospital are both places one should avoid till absolutely necessary. My entire family is praying for you all and we believe that your daughter is in a better place. She got saved from dealing with this harsh world. May Allah always be with you all.


Mehr Tiwana.

Brother AoA,

I share your pain. May her soul rest in peace and may Allah Subhana watalla give you strength to suffer this great loss. Ina lillah he wa inna illae hir rajiyun. I don’t have many good memories with doctors hospital either. I am a father of one 10 month old daughter (1st Kid). We realized before delivery that they were only after increasing bill value and were suggesting unnecessary tests and medications/extended over stays.

They are greedy butchers. We realized in time and got my wife transferred to Surgimed before the delivery date. Very well name suggested. Slaughter house. They killed my dad too. He had a heart stroke and was to be given an angio plasty treatment. After that he vomited out blood. Nurses got panicky and started to inject God knows which medicine 1 after the another. And within minutes he died. Wish I could blow the hospital with bomb

Rahat Iqbal

My chacha Nusrat Thaur was admitted to Doctors hospital and couldn't recover. They doctor's wanted to do the Angioplasty when his blood pressure was not even there as he was on machines. They want to make money by hook or by crook.

Saghir Abid


So sorry to hear about your loss, that too at the hands of a so called medical institute. I read your horrific story, & have tried earlier to do something to warn people but have failed. Advised by many that I dont have enough to bring them down.

Two years ago over the eid ul Azha period, my nani was mis diagnosed or rather was given medicines without being diagnosed at all........ An old lady didnt have enough in her to bounce back even when the medicines were put right..... I saw everyone around her in that ill managed ICU pass away one by one... If it will be of help I have kept a mini diary of events, which I would love to share for other's benefit.


Sarah Ahmerin

Assalam o Alaikum!

Sir this is Faisal from Peshawar. I am extremely sorry about your daughter Imanae. I just read about her and am extremely upset because of this. Doctor's Hospital has a record of this behavior. I lost my cousin 2 years back in Doctor's Hospital when a bunch of idiots there couldn't analyze the true situation of the patient and let him die in an extremely painful manner.

Hum sab iss dukh mein aap ke saath hein, it's indeed irreversible and Imanae will not come back but we all pray to Allah ke aap ko sabar ataa keray aur responsible logon ko anjaam per pohnchaye. Aameen! Take care.



Hey, Aqeel.

How are you? I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, i can only imagine what youre going through. I hope Allah gives you the strength to get through this hard time on you and your family. Doctors Hospital is the worse choice to go to even if someones dieing cause they will make sure he/she dies. My sister was admitted there recently she got into a bad accident and broke her humurous into two, but they operated on her even though they shouldnt have cause her wound was contaminated. Moreover, dislocated her shoulder while operating on her. Doctor Khalid Hussain who treated her initially denied doing such when doctors all over the world said that they mishandled the case and dislocated her shoulder. Later they did another surgery on her to hide the blunder and never told us about it, we were told that they are just gonna change the dressing instead they took her in surgery. Then finally G.A shah took over the case and performed the tird surgery to put her arm right and do what should have been done in the first surgery only(still didnt accept their mistake) we were denied reports even though it was our right we had to pull strings to get the reports and x rays, had to steal them.

They put her on her ketamine and Morphin after the third surgery for 2 days, which is not recommended by anyone, its a trauma on any human beings body to give these two drugs together and our family doctor stated that 30 years of his professional career in ortheo, he has never even considered the use of ketamine and that too with morphin, they were keeping her drugged so she doesnt feel the pain. Giving her a dose after every half an hour. My sister went through hell, they were making her into a druggy, she had severe withdrawal symptoms. Later G.A shah refused to treat her further cause our family was attentive and on their case with our complaints. Get in touch so we can unite and take an action against them, they haven't done this to only us... i know many more cases of their negligence.

Be Strong.

Sana Bhatti

Dear Mr. Aqeel,

I know my words wont bring back your little angel but please accept my condolences on such a tragic incident. It sure is a hideous crime and all those responsible should be brought to justice. May Allah give u and ur family, the courage to bear such a huge loss.

I also experienced non-professional attitude of Doctor\'s hospital but nothing compared to what u have gone through. Back in april, 2009 i was having cont head aches and i went to a neuro physician in Doctor Hospital who said its a minor problem but 2 days later i had an MRI scan, just for my own satisfaction, which revealed a brain tumor in my brain. So u can imagine how much competent doctors they have in doctors hospital.

Anyways I pray for u and ur family and obviously there is no doubt that little Imanae will be in highest drajat of heavens.

Rana Ahsan

If you are effected by Doctor's Hospital in any way or you would like to share your thoughts, suggestions, opinion or can help, then please email me on and help me to close down this slaughter house.